Ginataang Monggo

Do you want to cook your own Pilipino dish with a bit of a twist? Well, Ginataang Monggo is one special Filipino dish - one of the best and sweetest dishes in our country. The main ingredients of this dish are toasted Mung Beans or monggo blended with sticky rice cooked in a special liquid known as "gata" (made up of milk, sugar, and coconut milk). The "gata" is both delicious and nutritious! However, preparing your own sweet concoction or "gata" is not easy because you need to be careful on the mixture to create the proper texture and taste. You can cook and serve Ginataang Monggo as a dessert or snack since the dish is delicious, sweet, and full of minerals and nutrients. Make sure you pay extra attention to your “gata” as it plays an important role in your Ginataang Monggo! (more…)

Dinakdakan Recipe

Dinakdakan (or Warek Warek) is a recipe known in Ilocos. This recipe uses a cream sauce comprised of blended pig’s brain to add aroma and flavor to the dish. The grilled head and non-muscular parts of the pig make the dish more delicious and tasty. For these reasons, this dish has become the epitome of finger food or “pulutan” not only on in Ilocos, but everywhere in the country. You can serve the dish without any reservations, since this is perfect for any occasion. You can serve the recipe during your family dinners, outings, and even candlelit dates and dinner! For those who are faint of heart, you can substitute mayonnaise for the pig's brain. (more…)

Beef Curry Recipe

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "Curry"? Well, most people would say that curry can have quite a strong flavor, taste, and aroma. Curry is extremely delicious when it is prepared properly with the proper blend of ingredients and spices suitable for your palate. Curry Recipes are extremely popular, and Beef Curry is one of the best recipes that use beef as one of its main ingredients. You can prepare this recipe in many ways to find the perfect blend of spiciness and flavor for your family. Just be careful though because Beef Curry has a strong character, so it would be best to try the mild version before venturing into spicier territory. Beef Curry is a perfect dish for those who can withstand its spiciness and hotness! (more…)

Kinamatisang Isda Recipe

Kinamatisang Isda or Pinangat is one easy and common lutong bahay recipe that you can cook, prepare, and serve on your table with a short amount of time. This is a perfect dish because it is delicious and nutritious. You are giving you and your family the right amount of nutrition and mineral needed by the body to function well. There are many varieties of fish you can use. Depending on what is available, you can cook, prepare, and serve the best Kinamatisang Isda. However, you need to learn first the different varieties, classes, and kinds of fishes available in the market before you can cook and prepare this dish. This is an important process because this is where you can find the perfect fish for your Kinamatisang Isda Recipe. You can also add seasonings, spices, and additional vegetables so that your dish will have deep, rich flavors that you will enjoy. (more…)

Baked Rice Custard

Unique and special recipes such as Baked Rice Custard can satisfy anyone, since the recipe is easy to prepare. You just need to be creative in preparing your own, so it could look tasty, elegant and delicious. Baked Rice Custard is 100% healthy, since this satisfying rice dessert is full of good protein, fiber, and carbs so this is sugar-free and nearly fat-free. Baked Rice Custard looks simple and plain but it is definitely not! The ingredients you use need to be fresh, delicious, and healthy for best results. You need to be sure that you get your ingredients from reliable sources, to ensure everyone will enjoy the dish. (more…)

Fried Rice Recipe

Sinagag or Fried Rice is extremely common and popular among Filipinos for breakfast. You don’t have to be a professional chef to prepare a delicious Sinangag and even an ordinary people can whip up something delicious in no time. Take note that the oil you use also plays an important role and adds deep and rich flavor to your Sinangag. You don’t have to worry about a single thing when preparing a 100% healthy breakfast to your family, as long as you don’t forget to prepare Fried Rice. You don’t want for your family to start their day with just any ordinary breakfast, since the body is still asleep and it needs proper nourishment and nutrition. Having Sinangag or Fried Rice for breakfast is a perfect way to start your day! (more…)

Steamed Tilapia

Cooking and preparing Steamed Tilapia is simple and easy. Tilapia is a first class fish, so it is not only delicious and tasty when cooked, but also healthy and nutritious. Tilapia is a low-calorie protein that is perfect for your diet. The dish also has active properties that is believed to lessen health risks such as physical, mental, emotional, and psychological disorders. Feel free to modify this recipe and stuff anything into your Steamed Tilapia. Seasonal vegetables are a great choice to impart the best flavors. Steamed Tilapia is a perfect partner for your healthy diet because it is both delicious and nutritious! (more…)

Goat Caldereta

Cooking Caldereta using beef, pork or chicken is quite easy, but Goat Caldereta (Kalderetang Kambing) can be a real challenge. Goat meat requires some extra steps compared to beef or pork. Since goat meat is gamey, a common practice to eliminate the odor and gamey flavor is to marinate it in vinegar, salt, and ground black pepper mixture for an hour or two before cooking. Goat Caldereta is considered a special dish due to the extra preparations required. It is commonly served in special occasions such as town fiestas and birthday parties. (more…)

Crema De Fruta

With the fiesta coming, if you want to serve your most prized sponge cake, then Crema de Fruta would be the best choice. Crema de Fruta is a sponge cake layered with creamy custard filing and gelatin then topped with fruit cocktail and clear gelatin. You don’t have to worry about pleasing your family's members, friends, relatives, and guests, since Crema de Fruta is perfect for everyone. The cake is not only sweet and tasty, it has an aroma and flavor that would surely melt in your mouth.  No fiesta is complete without a serving of Crema de Fruta. This is a special desert that everybody will love! If you want to enjoy some after the fiesta, make sure to make an extra serving because there will be no leftovers! (more…)

Malunggay Corn Soup

Malunggay (aka leaves of Moringa) has incredible health benefits that are believed to help boost your immune system while protecting you from free radicals. White corn also possesses nutrients and minerals that add flavor and aroma to your soup. Malunggay Corn Soup is a Filipino dish that is very common, but when prepared perfectly, can simply taste and smell like heaven. In addition to being tasty, this soup provides many health benefits to your body. Ingredients: 2 cups white corn, shredded 1 glove garlic, minced 1 small onion, chopped 3 cups water 1 pc small patola sliced 1 cup malunggay leaves Salt and pepper to taste Cooking oil Directions: Saute the garlic and onion. Add water and bring to a boil. Add the shredded corn and continuously stir until cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste. When cooked, add patola and malunggay leaves. Simmer for few more minutes until patola is tender. Recipe and image via LutongPinoy and KusineraDavao