13 Round And Sweet Fruits – Filipino New Year Tradition

As we all know, Filipino New Year Celebration is all about driving out bad luck or bad spirits and welcoming in good luck for the coming new year. It is a borrowed belief or tradition from our Chinese brothers and sisters. One big example of this borrowed tradition is the preparation of 13 different kinds of round and sweet fruits at the dining table.

Ever wonder why the traditional number of round and sweet fruits being served and prepared during New Year’s Eve is 13? If you are a typical Filipino like me, you will think that 13 is so unlucky and is kind of associated with evil spirits or deeds. But, with this kind of Filipino tradition, its not.

For our Chinese brothers and sisters (Tsinoys), 13 is actually a lucky number and having round fruits signifies coins so having a lot will bring luck and prosperity. The first person or group of people who experience this luck and prosperity are the fruit vendors or sellers themselves. Their sales always shoots up during this kind of season.

Some Filipinos prepares 12 kinds and some do prepare 13, but whatever the number is, its the thought and true spirit of New Year that counts the most.

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