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Monday, May 3, 2010

Graham Cake With Mango

Here is a simple and easy to follow cake recipe for you. This is the graham cake with mango recipe. This kind of cake is best serve as merienda or even as a dessert.

Graham cakes are good for those rush thrown parties or at children party because of its simple ingredients and pretty basic preparation procedure.

Graham Cake With Mango Ingredients:

* Graham Crackers
* 2 All Purpose Cream
* 1 Condense Milk
* 2 Whole Sweet and Ripe Mango ( Cut into thin wide strips)

How To Make Graham Cake With Mango:

1) . Mix the all purpose cream and condense milk in a bowl and set it aside.

2) . Place graham crackers at the bottom of baking pan you will use. Those graham crackers will serve as the cake's crust.

3). Pour the already mixed all purpose cream and condense milk into the graham and layer it with mangoes cut into thin wide strips.

4) . Repeat the procedure number 2 and 3 until your baking pan is full.

5). Put good amount of mango on top of it. Decorate it if you want.

6). Refrigerate it for at least 12 hours or for one day so the mixture contemplates well. Enjoy.


Kitty said...

Pag may special occasion samin, laging may ganto. Thanks for sharing. :)

Admin said...

Thanks for the comment kitty!

Amor said...

Haven't tried it with mango yet, I often use peach kasi with grahams o di kaya cookies and cream, cge matry nga rin ito.

Marlene said...

This is similar to what I learned but I usually call it Mango Float. I taught my mother how to do it. It's the same ingredients. Hmmm, looks yummy! I really miss this.

Ronald Esperanza said...

for how many serving is that?

HaroldB. said...

how come ur filling looks fluffy and mine is saggy :(

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