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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Halo Halo Recipe With Pictures

Halo-Halo is a famous Filipino dessert and refreshment as well. Halo halo is quite a best selling Filipino food/dessert/refreshment during the summer season. Halo halo recipe is a mixture of sweetened preserved fruits, evaporated milk and crushed ice top with either ice cream, leche flan or ube.

Halo Halo is usually served in tall, clear  glasses (but nowadays, plastic cups are being used) that show its colorful preserved fruit contents or mixtures.

Halo-halo Recipe Ingredients:

- Sweetened red beans
- Sweetened garbanzos
- Sweetened saba banana
- Sweetened kamote
- Sweetened jackfruit
- Sweetened kaong
- Cooked sago
- Pinipig
- Macapuno
- Shaved/Crushed ice
- Ice cream
- Ube haleya
- Leche flan
- Milk
- White sugar

How To Make Halo-halo:
- Half-fill a tall glass with your choice of sweets. Fill with shaved/crushed ice. Top with ice cream, ube haleya or leche flan. Serve with milk and sugar.

Halo Halo Pictures

Filipino Dessert: Halo Halo




Anonymous said...

Luv this dessert... Truly Filipino!

Rex Villanueva said...

Halo-halo this Christmas here in US during the winter season makes it "Paskong Pinoy". Just add those great stuff with snow...ayos na!!!

MaxiVelasco said...

I miss halo-halo. I make my own here in Sweden. Incomplete ingredients but works fine with me :)

Anonymous said...

I HATE Halo-Halo : it's very bad ingredients mix

Anonymous said...

Halo halo is good but it is too sweet. Can't have it all the time.

Laya Isabelle Garcellano Florendo said...

great. now i want one! :D

Anonymous said...

Always the best during summer time.
It makes me want one now. Yum! ;)

Anonymous said...

i love halo halo, everytime go for vacation in pinas this is the first dessert i will eat.

Anonymous said...

I love it bc there are so many variations and combinations of toppings you can use. :)

anne lei said...

i love this dessert especially during summer. The best halo-halo i have tasted was that of The Pasalubong in Pulilan Bulacan.

Anonymous said...

It is yummy!

yren said...

one of the most popular dessert only in the Philippines :)

Anonymous said...

Its great, but it should not be 80% ice. Thats how you know when you have gotten bad halo halo. When its like all ice water... ew.

edsel napoles said...

Wow,, oww m g.. Tingin pa lang naku,, tsk tsk.. Hehehe

edsel napoles said...

Hi po,, super sarap nian wahh

Mr Derby said...

Galing Galing!! My favorite ^^) Double cream please!

Mr Derby said...

Galing Galing!! My favorite ^^) Double cream please!

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