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Sunday, May 6, 2012

8 Influential Filipino Food Bloggers And Their Blogs That You Must Know About

To give the well deserved recognition to outstanding Filipino food bloggers (based on my own judgement), I decided to create this blog post. Below, you will find a list of Filipino food bloggers (they blog about recipes, delicacies, restaurants, food chains, franchising etc.) that I think is hitting and making it big at the food blogosphere for 2012 and beyond. I put up their website link and twitter profile so you can follow them and check as well why they (their website or blog) made it to my own list.

Without further ado, here they are (in no particular order).

Tsinoy Foodies By Stacy And Kurt
Tsinoy Foodies seeks to share their restaurant discoveries, reviews, recipes and more.  Everything here is all about food. For Tsinoy Foodies, food tasting is an endless adventure.
Read More About Tsinoy Foodies

Tales From The Tummy by Richard Co
This blog is all about Richard's personal experience and results of his exploration of the metro and beyond for culinary delights.
Check His Restaurant Experiences

Hefty Foodie By Eugene Constantino
As the blog slogan says, this blog is all about random food trips with (his) close friends. According to Eugene, he is not a food photographer but I think, he is a pro in terms of food photography because of his awesome shots and pics. He just makes good food more yummier in his pictures.
Read More About HeftyFoodie

Stop! Look! and Capture! by Allen Michael Gurrea
This food blog do have one of a kind theme. All you can see at the homepage is the pictures or thumbnails of the food he posts about. His goal in setting up this food blog is to learn more photography and enjoy eating while taking photographs.
Read More About Stop! Look! And Capture!

Food Diary By Iam Herbert
A great food blog with a clean and simple design. This blog has already won several awards and online recognitions.
Check Out Food Diary's Main Dishes

Certified Foodies By Mhel And Ken
This is one of my favorite food blogs ever. If you can check their sidebar, they already won numerous awards and online recognition for being one of the best Filipino food blogs out there.
Read More About Certified Foodies

Pinoy Cravings By Melo Villareal
Pinoy Cravings Blog is a Food Photo Blog owned by Melo Villareal. It aims to photograph and review some good culinary offerings from different restaurants around the Philippines.
Read More About Pinoy Cravings

Food Trippings By Karla Redor And Sharlyne Ang
Food Trippings is all about our experience with food, be it eating in a restaurant or preparing the food itself. :) In this blog, you’ll expect restaurant reviews (including customer service, ambiance, quality of food and price), recipes, “sulit” food trips and of course, yummy photos.
Read More About Food Trippings

There you have it, my list of 8 influential food blogs that I think is making it big at the Philippine food blogging community. Please do take some time to visit their blog or follow them on twitter. Also, don't forget other food blogs that I listed already at the sidebar widget of this blog.

How about you ? Do you have any favorite blog or blogger that you think I must check out and probably include at the above list? Please do tell me at the comment section.


Allen said...

Thank you for adding me here. I feel very honored to be in the list. :)

michymichymoo said...

Congrats to Tsinoy Foodies, Richard and Eugene! :)


stacy said...

Thank you so much. This is really very surprising for us, Tsinoy Foodies. =D

Berylle said...

congrats to everyone! :)

melody de jesus-garcia said...

thank for this post.. at least, i know na where to go to look for the top food blogs.. :)

Gem said...

not all are deserving, IMHO.
my #1 is marketmanila :D

The Food Scout said...

Wow! Good job Richard, Stacy, Kurt, Mhel & Ken :)
I love their food blogs :)

Saurabh Rai said...

Quite good observation and post, thanks for sharing for bloggers

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