5 Coffee Mixes Perfect For Filipino Taste

Who would wonder why coffee shops are now sprouting like mushrooms in every corner? This is because coffee has become popular in the everyday diet of Filipinos. It became a daily routine for Filipinos, including me, to drink coffee early in the morning which is usually paired with pandesal (salt bread, the Filipino bread of all time).

Furthermore, coffee is a very flexible concoction that can be prepared according to the preference of every coffee drinker. Some prefer their coffee hot or cold, others love to mix it with milk or chocolate and several individuals choose it to be black and pure. So if you want to know the right coffee mix for you, here are some of the most sought after coffee mixes that surpassed the discerning taste of a Pinoy coffee aficionado.

1. A black, pure, and freshly brewed coffee is undeniably the superior choice among all coffee lovers. If you are one of them, then the espresso is the right blend for you. Espresso is produced by forcing water pressure through fine ground coffee. It is characterized by having a thick consistency and often measured in shots. A single shot is just approximately 1 ounce since it has a strong flavour and a high concentration of caffeine.

2. Cafe’ Latte- In Italian it means “coffee and milk”.
  Traditionally, this coffee mix is prepared with two parts coffee and one part steamed milk. Café latte is just like the cappuccino but the difference between the two is mainly on the amount of milk foam added. Compared to Cafe’ latte, cappuccino is topped with a thicker foam. The foam can be poured in such a way to create a picture. Café latte has become quite popular in America and often flavoured with sweet syrups like vanilla and hazelnut. This is the drink which I highly recommend for those who like milky drinks but also love heaps of coffee flavour.

3. Café Mocha – is one of the many variants of Café latte. Similar to Café latte, it is based on coffee and steamed milk but with added chocolate. The chocolate is usually in the form of sweet cocoa powder but some use chocolate syrup. Café mocha can also be served with milk froth on top. Furthermore, you can try to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top. If coffee has been your drink of choice but always had a passion for chocolate, then this is the best coffee mix for you.

4. Brown coffee – is merely a regular coffee with cream but it uses brown sugar instead of white. This coffee mix has become a trend in the Philippines since the day it was brought to market. Aside from being healthier, brown sugar has that acquired taste. The brown sugar adds a somewhat chocolatey and caramel flavour to the coffee. I greatly suggest this blend for those coffee enthusiasts who want flavour and the right amount of sweetness in their coffee.

5. Iced coffee – If the weather is hot and you think that coffee is not an appropriate drink for the season, you are wrong, why not try creating your own version of the ice cold coffee being inspired by favourite coffee mix. For many years, this mix has been a well known mix preferred by people of the new generation. Given that coffee is an all time drink, iced coffee mixes makes every Pinoy Coffee drinker enjoy and be refreshed with this one of a kind great coffee taste that you made for yourself.
With the availability of different coffee preparations, and the abundance of coffee plantations in the Philippines, coffee aficionados can now enjoy a cup of coffee that is especially prepared for their own preference. So what are you waiting for? Run to the nearest Pinoy Coffee Shop in your place and try one of the coffee mixes. Ayt?

Bonus: Here are some original coffee recipes showing how you can blend different flavors and try a new taste of coffee.

Unusual Coffee Recipes

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33 thoughts on “5 Coffee Mixes Perfect For Filipino Taste

  1. Pinx

    coffee addict here… but i go for cafe' latte and brown coffee… yeah, it goes best with pandesal. nothing beats that..dropping by from the BE.

  2. Aileen

    I love coffee, but I prefer it hot. I rarely drink the iced coffee but once in a while, I humor myself. 🙂 Thanks for that site link…bookmarking it.

  3. FoxyReign

    Brown sugar compliments my liking in drinking coffee, and of course, with cream. Except when I need to be very awake and alert that I would choose a shot of espresso even on my milkshake.

  4. marri

    We love brewed coffee with creamer and muscovado sugar. We used to drink instant coffee but when my husband learned how tasteful coffee is… he became a lover and fortunately his ex-boss gave him a coffee maker last Christmas. So, we always have brewed every morning.

  5. TheBalisong29

    Im a coffee lover too but when I brew my coffee and used half and half it doesn't taste good cause im using diff brand. Does anybody know where I can buy the same brand like starbucks?

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