5 Delectable Suman Delicacy From 5 Philippine Provinces

Suman or rice cake is a local snack that is typically served by Filipinos not only during “merienda” but during special occasions as well. These cakes that are made of glutinous rice are usually wrapped in either banana or young coconut leaves and sometimes served with ripe mangoes as a complement.

Being one of the most famous Filipino foods, most provinces all around the country have their own type of “suman” which they claim as their signature version .Right now, we are indeed lucky because we are going to bring you on a travel to the different provinces of the Philippines as we try to distinguish the different appearances and tastes of various “suman” or rice cakes coming from their respective origins. 

1.    Suman Ibus Recipe – This type of “suman” is the perfect combination of ripe mangoes as the said dish is characterized by its being salty. As part of our local history, this is known as the exact type of suman which Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero, would love to eat. By appearance, these cakes are usually wrapped in young coconut leaves and are being sold in bundles along the native delicacy stalls of Central Luzon Provinces. 

2.    Suman sa Lihiya – Such Genuine Filipino rice cake could be eaten with hot chocolate or coffee for beverage. Its name came from its appearance when the cooked banana leaf (banana leaf is used as a wrapper) changes the original color of these rice cakes from white to green. As of its origin, you would know that the “suman Lihiya” is genuinely made in Oriental Mindoro when it comes with coco jam for its dip instead of the traditional grated coconut and sugar dip. 

Suman Sa Lihiya Image By Rice Recipe – Philippine Rice Research Institute

 3.    Patupat – This “suman” variety I think is one of my favorites as I would always remember eating this food in m younger years. This rice delicacy could be easily found in the markets of northern and central Luzon. To give you a brief background, Patupat may come in two variations. The ones that are made from Central Luzon are typically square and wrapped in woven palm leaves while the ones that are made from the Northern provinces such as Ilocos are triangular in appearance and  covered in banana leaves. The Patupat that come from Central Part of the country are far sweeter than the rice cakes found in Ilocos. Thus, if you are someone who loves to eat sweet food, then the Patupat from Central Luzon is a must taste for you.

4.    Linapet – Is another enticing rice cake which is created in Mountain Province and in some areas of Ilocos Region. Like typical rice cakes, they come in stick form and covered with banana leaves but what makes this variety unique is its role in a Filipino Funeral tradition. That’s right; this enticing food variation for “suman” is used as an offering for the spirits on a traditional Funeral Prayer Ritual.

5.    Suman Latik – Started to become well known in “LeyTe” and has continued to spread and had variations in Luzon Provinces. What distinguishes Suman Latik to other types of local Rice cake is its unique dip made from syrup of honey with “latik” or coconuts curdle. 

Alright, I guess we all have filled our brains with enough information about these different types of Local Rice cakes “sumans” made in different provinces. I know that reading about these food made us feel hungry and eager to visit these different provinces where the 5 most tasty and genuine Filipino suman is created. I hope you all enjoyed reading my article have a great day and I hope to see you enjoy eating local rice along the native delicacy stores of every province that has been mentioned in the article.

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17 thoughts on “5 Delectable Suman Delicacy From 5 Philippine Provinces

  1. titus

    Parang lahat ng suman masarap…. favorite ko suman sa latik… minsan sasabawan ko ang suman ng milo and hot water para maging instant champorado hehehe.

  2. Franc Ramon

    I love suman and the most common suman for me is the Patupat. I grew up eating Patupat while dipping it in Sugar. Sometimes, I get cravings for Suman to this day.

  3. the food techie

    Wow.. I remember the times whenever I visit my family in Nueva Ecija, that my Nanay always asks me if I like suman sa lihiya. Well, of course I love to eat as much I could. She know my favorite food so much..

  4. pinoychocophile

    Suman, my favorite, these are mostly rice cakes of Luzon more varieties in the Southern parts of the Philippines. I believe lihiya is called a such because of the use of lye – lihiya? The Iloco patupat is particularly unique because it uses sugar cane juice and not just any sugar to sweeten it.

  5. Lipstick.chopsticks

    I love suman! My favorite is budbud kabug.

    I like eating the lihiya with the macapuno sauce, ayoko ng latik but I think only Josephine's Tagaytay serves that. Haven't tasted Linapet and Patupat though, are they available in Market Market kaya?

  6. Hefty Foodie

    I'm not really a fan of suman, the only ones I eat are the lovely stuffed suman from Salcedo Food Market every Saturdays. Their mango stuffed suman is an absolute favorite of mine.

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