Adobong Antigo Recipe

Just like what the name of this recipe suggests, this dish is an authentic and vintage Filipino adobo dish. Adobong Antigo can be cooked with either pork, chicken or even a combination of both. Here is an easy to follow Adobong Antigo Recipe that you can check out if you wanted to try and have a taste of this Filipino dish.

Adobong Antigo Ingredients:

* 1 kilo chicken or pork, cut in serving sizes

* 1/4 cup vino blanco or 5 year old rum

* 4 teaspoon soy sauce

* 5 cloves garlic

* 2 tsp salt

* 1 cup vinegar

* 1 cup buko juice (coconut water)

* 1 small head garlic, crushed

Adobong Antigo Cooking Instruction: 

1. Marinate the meat in vino blanco or rum, soy sauce,  vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper for a minimum of 2 hours. Drain it afterwards.

2. Fry the meat (pork, chicken or both) till golden brown.

3. Pour off excess oil and add coconut (buko) juice.

4. Simmer till tender or until adobo begins to give off oil.

5. Fry extra garlic and sprinkle on the adobo before serving.

Best served with steamed white rice.

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21 thoughts on “Adobong Antigo Recipe

  1. jellybelly

    With buko juice? I wonder who it affects the taste…. I can never make perfect adobo in any case. It's always, too salty or too sour or too sweet…something is always wrong with it.

  2. Olga

    I can never cook adobo consistently. My adobo sometimes taste like beefsteak or humba. A few times, I was able to make fairly decent adobos but the measurements don't seem to always work the same way.

  3. Vera

    Oo nga bakit Antigo? I love adobo, but my dad isn't very consistent when he cooks haha. Pero kahit anong version pa yn,kakainin ko pa rin. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    instead of soy sauce i used oyster sauce, and i like my adobo sauce a bit thick so i mash some of the potatoes…. and its not adobo fro my kids wihotut hard boiled eggs 🙂

    try to use a bit of vinegar and sugar and soy sauce/oyster sauce first, when its nearly tender add some ingredients to suit your taste…. sugar, vise versa…

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