Adobong Atay At Balunbalunan

This is another version and variant of the famous Adobo recipes. I have already posted the famous adobong pusit and chicken adobo recipes at this blog. Make sure to check them both.

And for this post, it will be the adobong atay at balunbalunan. Chicken gizzard and liver adobo is an authentic dish for Filipinos. This dish is one of the most favorite “pulutan” by Pinoys.

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Adobong Atay At Balunbalunan Ingredients

* 2 tbsp oil
* 3 cloves garlic chopped
* 2 pieces medium onion sliced
* 2 pieces bay leaf (laurel)
* ½ kilo atay ng manok (Chicken liver)
* ½ kilo balunbalunan (Chicken Gizzard)
* 1 tsp whole peppercorn
* ½ cup soy sauce
* ¼ cup vinegar

Adobong Atay At Balunbalunan Cooking Instructions

1). Heat casserole, add the oil and sauté onion until translucent before adding the garlic stir until golden brown.

2). Add the balunbalunan first stir in a few minutes after add the atay ng manok.Put bay leaf, peppercorn, soy sauce and vinegar. Cover the casserole. Let it boil.

3). Note: Do not stir until not boiling because if the vinegar is not yet cooked it become sour.

4). Put in simmering until the atay and balunbalunan are cooked.

5). It depends on you if you like less sauce simmers more time.

You may add some chili to make it hotter and spicier. Best serve hot with rice or a couple of beer.

Note: Image may vary with the end result of this recipe.

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