Barbecue Kabobs By Angela Ricardo

Here is a recipe shared to us by Ms. Angela Ricardo, the blogger behind Korean Doll Fashion And Lifestyle, Miss Angel and Fashion Bible. She is a Filipina-Korean that lives happily with her hubby at Italy. She loves to blog and talk about fashion, food and lifestyle. To know more about her, follow her twitter account @koreandoll or subscribe at her YouTube channel.

Ms. Angela is kind enough to share with us her very own recipe of Barbecue Kabobs with Filipino touch. Without further ado, here is the recipe.

Growing up in the Philippines made me very well accustomed to the traditional cuisine and spices. No matter where I am at, I will always love the typical Pinoy dish. Of course there are times when I have friends or visitors who are not familiar with the food that I know and are sometimes skeptical to try new dishes. Which is why I try different ways of presenting the food that I have grown to love. One great example is the Barbecue Kabobs.

American’s are very familiar of Kabobs and Filipino’s to Barbecue. There are American style barbecue recipes available but since I prefer the taste of the Filipino version I decided to mash up both style hence why I call it Barbecue Kabobs.

For my version of barbecue kabobs, you will need the following:

Chopped Pork
Sausage / Bratwurst / Longganisa
Bell Pepper or Pineapple
*[marinade of your choice for the pork]*
Barbecue stick

Ingredients of the marinade I make:
Soy Sauce
Pitted Garlic
Sprite or Sugar
hint of Vinegar
Barbecue Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Onion Chives [optional]

Note: The amount varies depending on how strong you wish the flavor to be. In my opinion the more garlic you add and the longer you leave it on for the meat the absorb, the better it will taste. My wait time varies from 30 mins. to 1 hour, which gives me enough time to prepare the rest of the ingredients.

The Barbecue can also be replaced with your home-made version or with the marinade you have made. Except on my end, I just prefer to use the ready made ones from Jack Daniel’s.


1). After marinading your meat, carefully skewer it with the stick alternating with your preference of other meat which on this version I have the Bratwurst and finish off the end of the stick with either pineapple for a sweet touch or bell pepper for that garden fresh taste.

2). Then slather the rest of the barbecue with the marinade or barbecue sauce.

3). Then grill away! Happy eating. 😀

Thanks again Angela for sharing your own version of Barbecue Kabobs!

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4 thoughts on “Barbecue Kabobs By Angela Ricardo

  1. Veale

    Surely the marinade is the bit of the recipe that we need, the bit that makes it filipino. The rest is just "put stuff on a stick and grill it".

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