Bicol Express Pinoy Recipe

Bicol Express is traditional Bicolano food recipe style. It is a stew made from lots of long chilies (siling labuyo), coconut milk (gata), shrimp paste, onion, pork and garlic.

Bicol express is simply an authentic, irresistible and most sought after Filipino dish.

Bicol Express Filipino Dish
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Bicol Express Ingredients:

*1/4 kilo pork, thinly sliced
*1 cup Baguio beans
*3 cups long chili or jalapeno peppers
*1 onion, minced
*1 head of garlic, minced
*1 cup coconut milk
*1 cup coconut cream
*2 tablespoons of cooking oil

Bicol Express Cooking Instructions/Procedure:

1) In a bowl of water with salt, soak chili peppers for 30 minutes then rinse and strain.
2) In a cooking pan, heat cooking oil and brown sliced pork for a few minutes.
3) In another pan, sauté minced garlic and onion.
4) Add to the sauté the browned pork.
5) Then add the coconut milk, bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
6) Add the chili peppers, Baguio beans and cook until dish gets a little dry.
7) Add the coconut cream and simmer until the sauce thickens.

Enjoy your hot and sizzling Bicol express with rice and a lots of cooling water (in case your tongue caught on fire due to chillies).

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5 thoughts on “Bicol Express Pinoy Recipe

  1. krizzyla

    Hi, can I make a "bicol express" of ostrich or lamb instead of pork? I wanted to try your bicol express recipe by looking at the photo you posted my tongue pop-up and my saliva fell.

  2. Charie

    I watched a cooking where they used fish meat instead of pork…


    I like the of using lamb, hmm new to me.. I already tasted bicol express of kambing! ^_^

  3. paul roquia

    Bicol Express is not a bicolano dish. It is actually kapampangan in origin (inspired by the binagoongan) and was named as such because it was a favorite of commuters at the manila train station and since one would whistle like the bicol-plying trains; thus the name.

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