Binalay is another kind of authentic Filipino kakanin from Ilagan, Isabela. This is similar to “Palitao” which is more sticky and squeezed. Binalay is made of glutinous rice and panocha.

Binalay Filipino Dish
Suman Binalay Image Via TripWow.TripAdvisor.Com

Binalay Recipe Ingredients:

* 1 liter glutinous rice (malagkit), soaked in water overnight
* 1/2 cup water
* 15 pcs banana leaves, 7″x7″
* 4 cups coconut extract
* 1 glass water
* 1 pair big size panocha (store bought)

Binalay Recipe Cooking Procedure:

1). Grind soaked glutinous rice finely (remove excess water before grinding).

2). Mix ground glutinous rice and 1/2 cup water.

3). Mold 2 to 3 grams mixture and wrap in banana leaves greased with coconut oil.

4). Put in steamer until cooked.

Binalay Sauce:

1). Cook coconut milk in pan until latik turns brown.

2). Remove half latik and separate little oil for banana leaves.

3). Add water and panocha into pan with half latik and coconut oil.

4). Continue cooking until panocha melts (sauce thickens when removed from fire).

5). Add remaining latik to mixture.

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