Binignit Filipino Recipe

Binignit – glutinous rice porridge with coconut cream, blended with some fruits and root crops like yam, sweet potato, and the like sweetened with sugar.

Binignit is an authentic Filipino (Visayas region) dessert (also considered as snack) that can be served hot or cold. Binignit is traditionally served by Cebuanos during holy week or Lenten season. This dish is usually cooked with slices of “saging na saba” (plantain), taro and sweet potato. It is quite similar to ginataang halo halo or ginataang bilo bilo of neighboring regions.

If you wanted to try Binignit at home, here is an easy to follow Binignit recipe for you. It uses the most basic ingredients that you can surely find at your local market or store.

Binignit Filipino Recipe

Binignit Ingredients:

* 2 pcs yellow camote (sweet potatoes), slice into cubes

* 1 white gabi (taro root), sliced into cubes

* 4 ripe saba bananas (plantain), sliced

* 6 pcs ripe langka (jackfruit)

* 1 ube (purple yam), sliced into cubes

* 1 cup landang or tapioca

* 1/2 cup sweet rice (malagkit)

* 2 cups pure coconut milk

* 1/2 cup white or brown sugar

* 1 cup coconut milk, diluted with water

How To Cook Binignit:

1). Make dough balls of the 1/2 cup of sweet rice. Moisten the rice with water until it sticks together. Roll the dough into 1/4 inch diameter balls.

2). Boil eight cups of water in a pot. Add the sweet potato and banana.

3). After a few minutes or when the sweet potato and banana soften, put in the regular or sweet rice dough balls. Let it simmer until the rice becomes soft and the sweet dough balls rise to the top when its cooked.

4). Put in the landang. When the landang softens, put in about four cups of coconut milk and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

5). Put in a cup and a half of sugar. Keep tasting the binignit until it reaches its desired sweetness.

6). Add the rest of the coconut milk and let it simmer for a few minutes. Stir continously so it won’t stick at the bottom of the pot.

7). Add langka and let it simmer for about 5 minutes. Add a bit more sugar before it cools.

Binignit is best served while its hot but some prefer it cold or fresh from the fridge. Enjoy!

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  1. parobagirl bogs

    1). 8 cups of water was not mentioned as part of the ingredients.
    2). 4 cups of coconut milk was mentioned in the instruction, BUT, only 2 CUPS of COCONUT MILK PLUS 1 CUP of COCONUT MILK DILUTED with WATER were the only ones mentioned in the list of ingredients. Is the 1 cup of coconut milk to be diluted with water to make a total of 6 CUPS? Thanks

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