Bukayo is a very sweet dessert or topping made of coconut. It is made by simmering strips of young, gelatinous coconut (buko) in water and then mixing with white or brown sugar.


Bukayo Ingredients:

* Shredded young coconut meat

* Muscovado sugar (raw sugar)

* coconut milk

* anise (optional)

How To Make Bukayo:

1. Mix sugar, coconut milk and anise on a saucepan and boil it until it thickens. You need to stir it constantly.

2. When it thickens, add the shredded young coconut meat until the mixture becomes firm.

3. Then remove from heat and cool a little bit. Then spoon into individual lumps and let it cool until it sets.


Image Credit: Some rights reserved by deeheidz via Flickr.

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