CookingLikeAPro.Net – A Food Blog That You Shouldn’t Miss

CookingLikeAPro.Net is a food blog owned by a fellow Filipino foodie blogger. The blog features original recipes and creations of the owner,  Ms. Rizza Gatchalian. Her posts is usually about Filipino foods and recipes added with more spices and often with a very nice and tasty twist.

Here are some of the best selling CookingLikeAPro.Net foods and recipes (most visited and searched by people at the said food blog).

Cooking Pininyahang Baboy
Cooking Pork Caldereta
Cooking Pork Liver Steak
Cooking Pininyahang Manok

I can say that this food blog do have a lot to offer. The recipes posted at do have this one kind of a touch that makes it a bit more different from the others. Also, each and every food or recipe posted at the site do have supporting photos and images that makes it even more easier to follow and understand. It is a like a fully blown step by step cookbook offered for free online.

Aside from regularly visiting the official website, you can like and follow CookingLikeAPro Facebook page for updates.

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18 thoughts on “CookingLikeAPro.Net – A Food Blog That You Shouldn’t Miss

  1. kat

    I love food blogs. I no longer buy cookbooks and I do not neeed to enrol in cooking classes anymore. Food blogs + experiments is my formula in learning how to cook. 😀

  2. Mommy Lexi

    Yeah I've visited Rizza's blog a a lot of times already and it's really good. Your blogs will help me greatly in the coming weeks. As I plan to cook for my family while I'm on maternity leave. 🙂

  3. Mys Laguitao

    Thanks for the post. I love food blogs as well, being a diabetic is a disadvantage but if I find a recipe that can be enjoyed by diabetics like me and my mom, we're all for it!

  4. Phil

    Nice idea to put all the little handy hints and tips online. There are so many brilliant chefs in the world I only wish I could class myself as good as any of them

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