Ensaladang Bagnet

Some people considered ensaladang bagnet (bagnet salad) as a healthy salad; with pork rind. Actually, ensaladang bagnet is a pork crackling with tomato and seaweed salad with it. In this kind of salad, the crispy pork bellies sits on a bed of a local green salad made of lettuce, tomatoes, and shallots mixed with a calamansi-and-bagoong dressing.

Ensaladang Bagnet Image Credit: Jotan23: F.I.S.H. – Fiesta Island Seafood Hub Blog Post

Ensaladang Bagnet Ingredients:

* 300 g bagnet (pork belly crackling)
* 150 g slivered shallots
* 500 g cut into wedges tomatoes
* 1 tbsp chopped kinchay (Chinese parsley)
* 2 tbsp fresh calamansi juice
* 3 tbsp strained bagoong isda (anchovy sauce)
* 2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
* 250 g seaweed

Ensaladang Bagnet Instructions:

1). Chop the crackling into bite-size chunks.

2). In a bowl, mix the shallots, tomato, parsley, anchovy sauce calamansi juice and pepper, then add the crackling and toss lightly.

3). Transfer to a salad bowl and arrange the seaweed around the sides.

Enjoy your (healthy) ensaladang bagnet.!

Note: Image may vary from the actual recipe.

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11 thoughts on “Ensaladang Bagnet

  1. Jonas Labagala

    They said that bagnet is a must try dish. Well, we do have a restaurant here in Davao that serves bagnet. When can I ever try that? Hmmm.. maybe in my next food trip.. hehe! 😀

  2. Algene

    I love bagnet! In fact, I always visit Bagnetian Kitchen in my place. Masarap kasi 🙂 It's good to see a bagnet recipe. Makagawa nga ng own version ko nito..

  3. The Purple Doll

    I'm currently digging salads, and this is one salad dish I'll make sure to try 🙂 Btw, sure, feel free to post about me. I'm actually honored.. ^^ If you need any material from me, don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks!

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