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For sure a lot of you my dear readers and followers already know and encounter this food blog. AngSarap.Net is one of the best food and recipes blog I encounter around the world wide web. What makes this food portal more special is that, it’s pretty fast to load, the interface is simple without those complicated images, animations and even navigation  In other words, the website is so simple yet the contents are really awesome and extremely helpful for all cooks or chefs (newbie or pro) around.

Even though AngSarap.Net serves and offers cuisines around the globe, the site’s most popular recipes are the ones originated from the Philippines. The food recipes posted at this website is accompanied by high quality images and photos. The recipes along with the photos looks like all made and captured by a high quality or professional chef or cook, but no, the owner of this food portal is not a chef in profession.

Featured Food Blog - Ang Sarap.Net

AngSarap.Net is owned and created by Raymund, an IT Professional whose devotion is to develop applications and passion is to cook. According to his website’s About page, it (cooking and his blog) is his stress release after a long day analyzing and programming at work.

Some of the foods and recipes you will see at angsarap.net are dishes that Raymund and his family had tried and ordered in different restaurants. This is the reason why you will see a lot of food and recipe varieties at his blog, although the majority of it have a Filipino or Spanish twist.

AngSarap.Net also have 2 other writers or contributors aside from Raymund. His wife usually contributes recipes that deals with desserts and baked specialties while their daughter contributes drinks and beverages posts. Indeed this blog is becoming a family bonding for them as well.

AngSarap.Net’s Featured Filipino Food And Recipes

Below are my top 3 picks of AngSarap.Net’s dishes and recipes.

Morcon – Filipino Style

Morcon Recipe - Filipino Style

Tikoy (Not so Filipino but very timely for Chinese New Year, so I picked this one out)

Gulaman with Pineapples and Raisins

Gulaman Gelatin Recipe

Where You Can Catch AngSarap.Net And Raymund’s Foodie Updates

Aside from visiting AngSarap.Net official website, you can also follow them via their Facebook page, drool over their Pinterest pins and get updated via their Twitter tweets.

And if you don’t want to miss anything or any updates of AngSarap.Net, subscribing at their blog feed (subscription form located at their website at right side bar) via email is what I recommend.

Featured Food Blog - AngSarap.Net

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