Filipino Appetizer Recipe – Panara Recipe

If you wish to serve a native appetizer in a party, cooking Panara is the best way to go. This appetizer dish is made of mixed shrimp (minced) and bottle gourd or upo (chopped) filling. The filling will then be wrapped in a molo wrapper and will be fried until it turns golden brown. The appearance of this appetizer greatly resembles that of empanada. However the panara is triangular-shaped and has a different filling. You can compare this to fried siomai since you will be using a molo wrapper too.

This popular appetizer came from Iloilo and is usually eaten alone or with rice. Great dips for this appetizer can either be vinegar or a ketchup. Other Ilonggos also dip this in sweet sour sauce or toyo with a mix of calamansi.

Filipino Appetizer Recipe - Panara Recipe

What most Ilonggos love about this appetizer is the fact that it is very easy to prepare. You do not have to be a whiz in the kitchen in order to make this. Here is a simple recipe that any newbie can follow!

Filipino Panara Cooking Ingredients:

* 2 cups of upo, chopped

* 10 pcs of medium-sized shrimps (deveined, with no head or shell), chopped

* 1 medium-sized yellow onion, minced

* 1 tsp of garlic powder

* 2 cups of cooking oil

* 1 egg, beaten

* 15 pcs of medium-sized wonton wrappers

* add salt and pepper to taste

How To Cook Panara:

1. Place about 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in the pan.

2. Add in the onions then saute. Place in the shrimps and allow to cook for a minute.

3. Add in the chopped gourd, then place in the garlic powder. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes with occasional stirring.

4. Once the ingredients are well-cooked already, transfer these into a plate. Set it aside while waiting for temperature to cool down.

5. Once the ingredients have already cooled down, you can start wrapping. Line the wonton wraps with the beaten egg first. After beating the egg, dip your fingers into it then use your fingers to apply the egg to the side of your wrapper. Scoop adequate amount of filling then put it in the middle of your  wonton wrapper.

Fold the wrapper in the middle. It should exhibit a triangular shape. Press the sides of your wrapper in order to seal. Continue doing this until the filling that you have cooked is consumed.

6. Add more oil in your cooking pot then heat for a few seconds.

7. Deep fry the filled wonton wrappers. Continue cooking until the wrapper turns golden brown.

8. Arrange it piece beautifully in your serving plate. Garnish with vegetables and tomatoes. Serve while hot.

9. Allow your guests and your family to enjoy!

This yummy yet healthy dish is truly one of a kind. It will just only take you a few minutes to get this done. Plus, it is very affordable too!

Image source: PinoyRecipe.Net

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