Filipino Desserts

Filipino dessert is a big part of Filipino dishes and cuisine. It plays a huge role in terms of Filipinos way of cooking and eating. Filipino desserts is usually called as “panghimagas” in Tagalog word. For many of us, Pinoy, it isn’t a good meal without something tasty and sweet to top it off. It is like without any dessert, the meal isn’t really complete.

However, as time passes by, Filipino desserts evolve on its own. Nowadays, kids or young ones do like ice cream, cake or brownies as their dessert. But for me, nothing beats authentic Filipino dessert recipes. Check out below some of my all time favorite dessert recipes you might try making at home.

Buko Salad
Buko salad is a Filipino dessert usually served after lunch or dinner. Buko salad dessert recipe is usually served out of a young green coconut shell. Buko salad can go along with other fruits such as mango, banana, kiwi fruit and dragon fruit. The mixture of condensed milk and cream makes this recipe taste even better.

Ginatan or Ginataan Halo Halo
A kind Filipino dessert that is best served as dessert and merienda as well. Also, it can also be served either hot/warm or cold. Guinataang halo-halo main ingredients are bananas (saging na saba), kamote (sweet potatoes), gabi (taro), sago (tapioca balls) and bilo-bilo (sticky rice balls) that is cooked in sweetened coconut milk.

Ginatan Halo Halo

An authentic Filipino dessert or delicacy. Pichi Pichi is made from coconut and cassava or kamoteng kahoy. This is considered as one of many variants of the famous “puto” of the Filipino people. Pichi pichi originated from the province of Quezon.

Pichi Pichi

A very sweet dessert or topping made of coconut. It is made by simmering strips of young, gelatinous coconut (buko) in water and then mixing with white or brown sugar.

A layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert in Filipino cuisine. It is made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, water, and coloring with coconut flakes sprinkled on top. Sapin-sapin means “layers” and the dessert is recognizable for its layers, each colored separately. Sapin Sapin recipe is made from rice flour or rice that has been soaked overnight then crushed into a paste, sometimes yams or yam flour, coconut milk and sugar.

Maja Blanca
Made from coconut milk and corn starch. The most popular form of this is the Maja Blanca Mais.

Leche Flan
A popular dessert in the Philippines. It is similar to a cream caramel. It is sweet and rich.

How about you? What are your favorites? Share it at the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “Filipino Desserts

  1. ronniebfl

    I'm trying to find a filipino sponge recipe. I've had had numerous times at local Filipino parties in HI but no one seems to have the recipe. It is a sponge cake topped with sugar.

  2. Food Safety Certification

    I love Pichi Pichi especially the one made by Ambers. I seriously can't stop eating it and if I had just two pieces I can't stop thinking about it and how it taste. Filipinos are really good at making desserts like this.

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