5 Delectable Filipino Foods For Weight Loss

My Top 5 Delicious And Flavorful Filipino Dishes That Can Efficiently Trim Down Your Weight

Research tells us that more and more people are worried about weight problems such as obesity. In the Philippines alone, it has been found out that there are about 24 -27 out of 100 people suffering from severe weight gain and this keeps on going higher and higher as years go by. Considering the nature of our very own Filipino foods and recipes, I actually will not wonder why most Filipinos can’t help but let go of their sexy figure and accept the fact that they are starting to get bigger and bigger despite the known health threats that they are bound to face if they tolerate their cravings.

I am entirely aware that Filipino cuisine is indeed irresistible and depriving yourself from eating such things would seem like the end of the world and this is sad. I am pretty sure that most people are torn between a battle of whether eating weight gaining Filipino food or not. Is this scenario familiar to you? If you are bound to have this dilemma then I guess, I have an answer to your problem. Being someone who would want to ensure a well trimmed figure, doesn’t mean depriving yourself from enjoying the so called “Genuine Filipino Treat”. As a Filipino, you have to remember that there are these dishes which satisfy your taste buds yet help you maintain the ideal figure you want especially when eaten moderately. What we have for you are 5 Filipino Dishes that contain ingredients that could trim down your weight while you enjoy eating.

1. Bicol Express – I have read many articles that suggest eating spicy foods to boost your metabolism. The principle behind this idea is the fat burning effect given by Capsaicin, which is found in chili pepper.  Thus, we Filipino’s are so lucky to have a perfect Bicolano dish that would definitely fire your mouth with overwhelming spice.

Bicol Express Filipino Food
Bicol Express

2. Dinengdeng (Vegetable stew) – It is an Ilocano dish that is made from boiling vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables and tasted with a bit of Bagoong (fish paste). Merely thinking about this food makes me crave for a really healthy meal being set on my dinner table. Aside from the known vitamins and minerals given by vegetables, their fibrous nature makes it ideal for people to include this dish in their diets.

Dinengdeng Filipino Vegetable Dish

3. Ginisang Kamatis(Sautéed Tomatoes) –  Aside from the lycopene content of tomatoes, health experts say that tomatoes are indeed low in calorie and this makes it an ideal “dieting” food for everyone. They found out that a large tomato has 33 calories while a smaller one has 22 calories. This then makes the genuine “Ginisang kamatis” a perfect side dish for someone who wishes to have good skin and good body figure.

Sauteed Tomatoes Filipino Food
Sauteed Tomatoes and Mozz with Fresh Basil and Olive Oil

4. Sinigang na Tilapia ( Tilapia Stew in sour soup) –  Tilapia is one of the fresh water fish found in the Philippines but there are more things to discover about the heath wonder of this food. Being known in several parts of the world, Sinigang na Tilapia is an ideal dish for someone who is looking for a low calorie diet. According to the USDA’s Nutrient Data Laboratory, this type of fish contains 128 calories per 3.5 oz. serving.

Sinigang Na Tilapia

5. Taho (sweetened soybeans) – You would always see “Mr Taho Vendor” passing by the street selling his freshly made “taho” to everyone in the Philippines.  Taho is a well loved Filipino dessert made from soy beans and syrup. In addition, this food has been introduced to the Filipinos by the Chinese ancestors during their stay in the country. Health wise, “taho” is made up of soy beans and we all know that soy beans are believed to be good providers of weight loosing effects.  Some articles say that this ingredient is known to be the ultimate secret why Chinese have that kind of slender and desirable figure. Known as a native crop in China, soybeans play the role removing fat to enable weight loss, lowering blood pressure, reducing sugar level, strengthening body, beautifying your skin, and many more.

Taho Filipino Drink And Snack

Well, with these 5 Dishes that I have mentioned to be included in your diet, you shouldn’t have anymore reasons to deprive yourself from enjoying the authentic taste of Filipino Dishes even when you are on a tough diet.

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