5 Scariest Filipino “Pulutan” – Filipino Foods With High Cholesterol

I know that it is not yet Halloween but I have something scary for everyone. That  is right, since I know that most Filipinos love to drink alcoholic drinks this kind of season, I prepared something that might help them practice the law of moderation in terms of drinking and picking the right Filipino style “pulutan” or chaser for them.

I am pretty sure that everyone is aware about the dangerous effects of cholesterol rich foods and this, dear reader is the “scary thing” that I am talking about. What I have for you are 5 deliciously made Filipino recipe for “pulutan”, that I guess, pose greatest danger to our health as they have overwhelming cholesterol content.

1. Fried Crispy Chicken Skin – I never knew that a Filipino food this like this existed till I found it listed in the menu book of restaurant in the province. At first, I thought that this  was nothing special but when I got to see its inviting ,crispy and golden brown appearance , I couldn’t help but think of eating the whole serving and ordering another one to be taken home . When I was about to take my first bite of the food, a friend of mine reminded me not to eat too much because a hundred grams of this tempting food which beer drinkers also love to use as chaser contains 87 mgs of Cholesterol.

2. Lechon Baboy (Roasted Pig) – This food is not just the best choice for important occasions such as weddings, christening and birthdays but it is also one of the best selling “chasers” for most wine drinkers. Despite of its expensive price, wine drinkers find it great to experience the luxurious crisp and flavor brought about by the special way of roasting the pig.  But hey!!!! Just before you start dreaming about eating several servings of this food, think about the dangerous cholesterol content of each part. Once you start to enjoy eating and dipping its ribs into the sauce, you are already taking in at least 90 to 105 mgs of cholesterol into your body. However, if you try to pick the less fatty portion of the said dish such as center chops and loin, you get lesser cholesterol value than its ribs.

3. Isaw (Roasted chicken or pork Intestines) – Just so you may know, this well loved street food is one of the deadliest creation that has ever been cooked in the world of Filipino recipes (I needed to exaggerate things for emphasis). Seriously speaking, despite of its addictive taste especially when dipped with spicy vinegar sauce,  this contains loads of saturated fat which is known as a primary source of cholesterol.

4. Chicharon Bulaklak (Deep Fried Pork Mesentery) – Got its name from its shape. This dish came from a deep fried fold of the peritoneum (membrane lining the cavity of the abdomen) which attaches the stomach, intestines and other internal organs. Of course, since the dish is deep fried it obviously means that the Dangerous C (for Cholesterol) is once again attached to this food. So you better be careful when you eat this.

5. Sisig – Is a famous “kapang pangan” dish that is made from ground internal pork organs that are marinated in lemon juice or vinegar and served in sizzling style. This dish no matter how tasty it looks is an inviting carrier of cholesterol too.

Just like any other things or stuff, if there is a culprit, there is always something to counter attack negative things. As a true blooded Filipino, myself can’t say no whenever foods mention above are being offered at the table. But I always do eat them in moderation or better yet, I partner it with a tall glass full of pineapple juice to help fight those bad cholesterol.

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57 thoughts on “5 Scariest Filipino “Pulutan” – Filipino Foods With High Cholesterol

  1. Fashion and Beauty Blog

    What's more scary is that these dishes are served almost always with some buckets of beer, so, basically, I call it double murder. However, we can still eat these kinds of foods, and even drink alcohol for as long as we don't make it a habit. Once a month, or lesser, would be alright.

  2. Jhari

    Hello there cholesterol, hehehe! Good thing I don't drink and my husband too. My parents has history of asthma and high blood runs in our family, kaya ingat na ingat ako. Hihihi!

    Visiting from CE Sept4.

  3. Aileen

    Ah the 5 deadliest food…Isaw, I have never tasted…ever.. and no plans of doing so. The other 4, I have not eaten any of those for the longest time already.

  4. Mylene

    These foods area really dreadful 😀 Pambata ang mga pagkain ito, pambata kasi hindi na tumatanda ang mga kumakain nito ng madalas, deds agad 😀 hehehe….

  5. Farida

    Good thing I don't really indulge on those when it is available at home. I have tasted all. Sisig and lechon are my two favorites I will eat in moderation 🙂

  6. Vera

    All these five are truly sinful, and very yummy! I haven't been to an inuman session with crispy fried chicken skin as pulutan, but I have seen them being sold by vendors. Mura lang, so para sa walang pera, pwede nang ulam.

  7. Olga

    I soooo love eating all of those in the list. Thankfully, I have no problems with hypertension though I'm already in my mid-30s. I don't drink though so I eat those with my fave soda or juice. 😀

  8. Lady Spring

    You're right, everything in moderation (though I can't say the same for Isaw hul!). OMG I love to eat all 5..but I don't drink so I guess I'm at least an octave healthier than most people! I really don't understand the 'benefit' or 'joy' of drinking. It tastes bad, you feel worse after and you tend to do stupid things.

  9. Ms. Journ

    Oh my…oh my…lechon come to me… it's been almost 3 years na di ako nakatikim ng lechon… ang sarap naman nito naglalaway na tuloy ako … Sarap na pulutan talaga ito… crispy balat akin.

  10. Rachel Paras

    This is true. Considering you mix it with liquor, its just plain deadly. Liquors have effects on our liver because it over works our liver. Our live detoxifies these chemicals.

  11. Alwin Aguirre

    haha! talk about being in tune with Halloween — scariest food! They're not scary for me… they're good and they keep calling me whenever I see them and I can't resist them HAHAHA!

  12. sayitnessie.com

    Oh no!! I love all that you listed above!! Huhuhu. But thanks for reminding us. Haha! I won't stop loving these foods but I will eat them in moderation from now on. *crossing my fingers*

  13. Deann

    Hahaha! As they always say "Masarap kainin ang BAWAL"! I myself really loves to eat Isaw! I love sisig so much, its delicious! I ate them sometimes. XD

  14. tatess

    Just eat in moderation na lang. I make my own chicken skin chicharon and dip in vinegar pangontra daw sa cholestrol but that is only a muyth. All the food that you mentioned are worth eating kahit pa deadly.

  15. marri

    the epic lechon is delicious as ever and the sisig as well but, health wise… it's a question mark especially to those who are addicted with these dishes like me. LOL!!

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