5 Mouth Watering Pinoy Desserts To Crave For – Filipino Foods With Low Cholesterol

With the alarming issue on the growing number of Filipinos who fall beyond the border line of having normal cholesterol level, several people nowadays practice healthy living and this includes picking the right food that is being served in each family’s table.  With this regard, we made a food article that suits your healthy lifestyle. What we have are 5 Most Suggested Low Cholesterol Filipino Desserts that are the suitable for your healthy family diet.

1. Malunggay Sherbet (Horse Radish Sherbet)
– We are all aware that horse radish, which is commonly known as malunggay by locals, has the ability to heal various diseases including the increased cholesterol level of a person. We are also aware that people have also created various health products that are made from this ingredient. To name some, we already have malunggay capsules and malunggay tea but what we have for you right now is something which kids would even love. The Malunggay or Horse Radish Sherbet is a creation from a local restaurant in the Ilocos Province. Most people who had a taste of this dessert said that its creaminess wash away the tangy vegetable taste of horse radish. They also say that this dessert is best enjoyed when one squeezes “calamansi” over it.

Malunggay Sherbet (Horse Radish Sherbet) Image Credit – Chlorinated Brain

2. Broken Glass – Being taken from its appearance where this dish’s name was discovered, broken glass is a desert that is made from the combination of various colors of gelatin plus milk and some fruits that are molded together. Its outcome makes it look like a wonderful mosaic made from colored broken glasses. In addition to its palatable appearance, broken glass is also a must include dessert for people who are cholesterol conscious as gelatin is proven to be one of foods with low cholesterol content.

Cathedral Broken Windows Gelatin : Filipino Gulaman Dessert Image Credit – Elizabeth Q. Of asianinamericamag.com

3. Agar-Agar Salad – If you would want to enjoy another variation of your typical gelatin mold for your low cholesterol level dessert, the use of agar – agar strands also works well.  This variation of gelatin is prepared by shredding the molded gelatin to come up strands thatlook like short noodles. Most Filipinos love to use this ingredient as a substitute for the “buko” (young coconut fruit) in the famous “buko pandan” recipe.

4. Fruit Salad – One among the many ways to enjoy this low cholesterol diet is to load yourself with fruits that are also known for their detoxifying abilities.  Thus, your dessert will surely be more palatable if you try to make your fruit being served in a more cozy way and this adding a bit of milk and cream into them to create a very healthy and tasty fruit salad.

5. Filipino Graham Cake – This is known as the local version of Tiramisu. Since it has been mentioned that fruits are known to have low cholesterol content. Local fruits such as mangoes and pineapple work well with this so called Filipino Graham Cake. This easy to prepare recipe only requires graham crackers or lady finger ( broas) to make its crust.

With these healthy and tasty deserts I am sure that your Family would always love to eat and look forward for the type of dessert that you will serve on their day to day meals.

If you have your own version of Filipino dessert with low cholesterol content, please share it with us via the comment section. Thanks!

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54 thoughts on “5 Mouth Watering Pinoy Desserts To Crave For – Filipino Foods With Low Cholesterol

  1. tatess

    they're low calorie,really? these are what the diet conscious people should be eaten . i am trying to make the broken glasses/cathedral window dessert but I can't make it right.

  2. Mylene

    Ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang English term for Malunggay is Horse radish. Hmm bakit kaya ganito sya tinawag?

    Malunggay Sherbet looks like the Malunggay flavored Icer Cream at Coco Farm Bohol.

  3. Janine Daquio

    the agar-agar and the malunggay ice cream intrigues me. especially the ice cream is best squeezed with calamansi?? hmmm. i have lived where calamansi and toyo are the best partners for food! 😀

  4. papaleng

    Anything that has do to with malunggay, game ako since I am a diabetic, Very effective ang malunggay sa akin. Fruit salad, My doctor suggests that I go slow with this specially if canned fruits are used, Dapat daw organic. Filipino Graham Bake, yan ang i-try ko pa.

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