Filipino Style Sopas – Chicken Sopas

Chicken Sopas (chicken macaroni soup) is a very well known soup dish here in the Philippines. It is quite popular that you can cook it anytime you want (cook it the traditional way or buy an instant sopas in a pack) and eat it anywhere you go (from turo turo to 5 star restaurants). I can say that this dish is one of the best selling dish or recipe of Filipino people. As generation and time passes by, new twist and tweak is created to make Filipino sopas recipe even more yummier. Below, you will read and find the very basic and most common Filipino chicken sopas recipe (you may find other variation of this recipe online).

Filipino Style Sopas In A Bowl
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Filipino Chicken Sopas Ingredients:

* half a kilo of chicken cut in smaller portions

* 5 pieces of hotdog cut in about 2cm thick

* 2 cloves of garlic

* 1 onion sliced

* 1 carrot cut in julienne strips

* 1 cup of cabbage

* 1/4 cup of evaporated milk

* half a kilo of macaroni noodles

* 1 liter of water

* 1 chicken bouillon cube

* salt, pepper

Filipino Chicken Sopas Cooking Procedure:

1). In a casserole put some cooking oil.

2). Sauté your garlic, onion and carrots. Add your chicken and continue mixing.

3). Put the hotdog and cook for about two more minutes. Pour your water with the chicken bouillon cube dissolved in it.

4). Cover and let it boil. After the first boil add your macaroni noodles and continue cooking for another ten minutes. Then add up your cabbage, milk, salt and pepper.

5). Turn of the fire, the warm liquid will continue cooking the rest of the ingredients. You can also add some chicken liver and gizzards in this soup if you want.

Note: Image may vary with the end result of this recipe.

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