Fruity Monggo Buchi Recipe

Buchi or Butsi is a very popular Chinese and Filipino dessert or snack. The traditional and most common buchi has varieties of sweetened fillings such as beans, purple yum and the most popular of them all, mung beans or “mongo”.

With this recipe, we will give buchi a yummy twist. For sure you and your whole family will love it.

Fruity Monggo Buchi

This recipe makes 14 pieces of buchi.

Fruity Monggo Buchi Ingredients:

* 2 tbsp sugar

* ½ cup glutinous rice

* ¼ cup sweetened monggo (mashed)

* ¼- ½ cup raw sesame seeds

* 1 can (432 grams) Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail (drained, coarsely chopped (reserve syrup)

How To Make Fruity Monggo Buchi:

1). Simmer drained DEL MONTE Fiesta Fruit Cocktail and sugar until almost dry (about 15 minutes). Add monggo. Set aside.

2). Flatten each tablespoon of glutinous rice and place ½ tbsp of filling at the center. Gather edges of glutinous rice and seal. Form into balls.

3). Moisten each ball with reserved fiesta fruit cocktail syrup and roll in sesame seeds.

4). Deep-fry in medium heat until golden brown. Drain on paper towels.


Image and recipe credits: Del Monte Philippines Webpage

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10 thoughts on “Fruity Monggo Buchi Recipe

  1. Allan D

    I've been trying to make a perfect butchi but failed. I remember, I made one with almost perfect finished product. I want to make another trial and hopefully a success.


    I also love buchi. We used to get this from Chowking and Kungfu Kitchen whenever we dine there but I haven't tried making one from home. This recipe sounds easy and maybe worth trying.

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