Ginisang Sinigang Salmon With Kangkong

This is a recipe sent to us by one of our twitter friends, @iamabhie. Visit her blog at for more information about her and her cooking journey.

Here’s the recipe and cooking instruction for Ginisang Sinigang Salmon With Kangkong she sent to us via email.


* oil
* onions
* tomato
* ginger
* jalapeño
* salmon
* salt to taste (optional)
* water
* sinigang powder
* kangkong leaves

Cooking Procedure:

1. Sauté onion,ginger and tomato in oil.

2. Put the salmon.

3. Pour some water for soup.

4. Let it simmer for a bit then add jalapeño.

5. Let it simmer and put sinigang powder and salt depending on the taste you want.

6. Let it simmer then put the kangkong leaves till it cook then serve.

I asked her about the measurement/quantity of recipe to be used. She said to put only 1 piece for each ingredient and a small piece of ginger will do. If you have questions about this recipe, feel free to add them at the comment section.

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