Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid) Recipe

Here’s a good seafood recipe from a Filipino celebrity chef! Chef Boy Logro shares his own recipe or version of Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid) that you will surely like! This recipe was first seen or heard from his own TV show Kusina Master.

Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid) Recipe

(If you are looking for other squid recipes, try squid estofado or squid adobo in coconut milk.)

Here’s the inihaw na pusit recipe by Chef Boy.

Inihaw na Pusit Ingredients:

* 500 grams fresh pusit (squid)
* 1 green sili
* 1 sliced onion
* 10 grams grated ginger
* 10 grams brown sugar
* 2 tablespoons soy sauce
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 1/2 teaspoon  pepper
* 1 tomato, cubed
* 2 slices of loaf bread
* 1/2 cup fresh milk

Inihaw na Pusit Cooking Procedure:

1). Remove tentacles of the squid, then chop and set aside.

2). Cut loaf bread into small cubes, soak in milk and set aside.

3). Combine in mixing bowl chopped tentacles, soaked bread, tomato, onion, sili, ginger and salt pepper. Set aside.

4). Season the squid with salt and pepper, then fill it with the mixture of bread, onion, tomato, ginger and sili. Broil until done.

5). Cut into slices and serve with soy sauce.

Recipe And Image Sources: KusinaMasterGMA and GMANetwork.Com

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