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It’s been a while since we posted a celebrity interview here at our website. We are thankful though that some of our celebrity friends and supporters said yes when we asked them about a simple online interview. This interview post will give you insights about Jef Gaitan, a Filipina celebrity, favorite Filipino foods and recipes. Here we go.

Jef Gaitan FHM

1. What Are Your Favorite Filipino Foods? From Appetizer To Desserts.

I like Buco Pandan, Palitaw, Dry Adobo, Fried Tilapia, Pancit Bihon or Pansit Lechon, Crispy Kare Kare, Crispy Pata, Afritada and Sinigang ng Mama ko.

2. Do You Cook Foods For Yourself? For Your Family and Friends?

Well I try to cook Pinoy foods but I am not really good at it. I think cooking Pinoy food should be done by experts. It deserves it.

3. Had You Eaten Any Filipino Exotic Foods?

Balot. I like Balot

4. Any Filipino Foods That You Really Don’t Like? Why?

Yes Palaka, Aso, Baka mga ganong klaseng luto I dont like

5. Do You Have Any Filipino Specialty Dish? The Ones That You Can Call Your Bestseller?

I cook this Pansit Guisado na ang sahog is Tinapa or Tuyo; Palabok

6. What Other Filipino Foods You Wanted To Learn Cooking?

I want to learn how to cook Adobo na masarap haha or kare-kare

7. Do You Think Our Website, , Can Help You Out In Your Cooking Needs or Journey?

Yes It is great that your website features Pinoy food recipes it is of course to support our own delicacies or our own Pinoy Menu and of course to educate us na Pinoy foods are also as yummy and can be comparable to delicacies abroad.

Thank you Jef for your response and support! We are truly grateful that you gave time to answer our questions!

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To know more about our friend Jef Gaitan, follow her twitter account @jefgaitan or like her Facebook page.

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