Lightly Souped Pomfret (Pinangat Na Pampano) Recipe

Here’s a “minutes to prepare, ultra quick to cook” dish submitted to us by one of our friends and followers, Dante.

According to Dante, he used PAMPANO in this pinangat dish because, he wanted to innovate Filipino fish recipes. As much as possible, he wanted to refrain from utilizing Bangus (milkfish) and Tilapia from his dish. The reason behind this is that (according to him) – Frequently, 7 in every 10, they’re “lasang lumot” (taste like moss) referring to Bangus and Tilapia.

Lightly Souped Pomfret (Pinangat Na Pampano)  With Tomatoes And Onions

Here’s the recipe.

Lightly Souped Pomfret (Pinangat Na Pampano) Ingredients:

* 1 medium size thoroughly cleaned Pomfret
* 4 pieces medium tomatoes-each cut into 4 pieces
* 2 pieces large white onion roundedly-sliced (not chopped)
* 3 pieces banana pepper (or chili finger or “sili pansigang”)
* 2 grams ground black pepper
* 8 pieces cleaned mustard leaves
* 10 ml. cooking oil
* 5 ml. “patis” (fish sauce)
* 200 ml. tap water (tubig lang sa gripo nyahaha) or fish stock

Lightly Souped Pomfret (Pinangat Na Pampano) Cooking Procedure:

1. Heat pan. Pour some oil.

2. Saute 1/2 of sliced tomatoes until overdone (“labug na labug na mga kamatis”)

3. Pour in 1/2 of sliced onion, saute also to overdone state

4. Add in “patis” & black pepper. Toss a bit.

5. Pour in water (or stock) and bring to boil.

6. Upon boiling, slowly toss in Pomfret and let cook for 3 minutes each side.

7. When done, turn off or remove pan from fire.

8. Pour in mustard leaves & banana peppers…COVER.

9. Un-cover after 2 minutes, pour in unto serving tray & garnish with the other half of tomatoes & onions.

Enjoy the aroma, taste and vibrance of this Pinoy comfort recipe. Best served with 2 cups of rice!

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