Lumpia Shanghai Recipe By Maria Epps

Here is another delicious and unique recipe of Filipino favorite lumpiang shanghai made by a Filipina living abroad. This one is sent to me by one of my twitter friend and currently one of the admins of our famous Facebook page, Maria Epps.

Maria is a mom who loves to cook! She is a Virginia Commonwealth University graduate, a former corporate executive turned business owner and philanthropist. She is currently living in the US. She do have a Filipina blood as well.

Check out Maria’s Facebook profile and Maria’s twitter profile to know more about her.

And about her Lumpia Shanghai recipe, here it is.

Note: This recipe is directly copied from her email to me. Unedited at all.

Lumpia Shanghai Recipe By Maria Epps

You will need:

Spring roll/lumpia wrappers
1 package of ground beef or ground turkey
4-5 whole carrots
1 head of cabbage
1 small onion
soy sauce
seasoning salt or GOYA seasoning
vegetable or canola oil
a small bowl of water
1 beaten egg in a small bowl

Prepare mixture filling:

Shred cabbage and carrots and mix together. Cut and dice about half of onion.
Cook onion in pan, remove and place on the side.
Cook ground beef or turkey well in pan until brown or no longer pink. Drain.
Add shredded cabbage and carrots, then cooked diced onion.

Remove spring roll wrappers from package. Be sure the smooth side is on the inside where you will be placing your filling. This makes wrapping and sealing easier. Take each wrapper individually & place on a plate in a diamond shape with corner pointing towards you and spoon fill with mixture filling in the middle. Wrap in lumpia style, bottom corner upwards over the filling, rolling tightly, then tucking the side corners inside and continuing the roll until complete. Finger dip in water bowl and in egg bowl to seal the end of roll.

When all rolls are finished, pan fry in a skillet until slightly golden brown. Best served hot! Enjoy!!

Recipe by: Maria Epps

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