Mango Float Recipe By Jackie Go

In this post, we will be featuring a recipe of an online and twitter buddy of mine; Jackie Go. Jackie is a well known individual in the modeling and TV advertising community. The most memorable TV advertisement of her, in my opinion, are the ones from McDonalds. Remember this line? Paburger ka naman! Burger Burger Burger. I am sure you do! She’s the girl at those TV ads that went viral and became the talk of the town for years! You can check her TV ads at her YouTube Channel to revisit those memories.

If you want to know more  about Jackie, visit her blog titled Go! Jackie Go!, or follow her at twitter. By the way, she is running a blog contest wherein you can win good and awesome prizes. Visit her blog’s Facebook page for more information about the said blog contest.

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Now, lets go down to her yummy and tempting recipe!

Mango Float Ingredients:

All you need are 5 ingredients:
* Condensed milk
* Crushed Graham crackers
* Graham crackers
* All purpose cream
* Ripe mangoes

How To Make Mango Float (Instructions):

1). Mix the all purpose cream together with the condense milk.

2).Layering. 1st layer the graham crackers in your preferred container (a rectangle would be your best bet since it’s the shape of the cracker) , then pour in just the right amount of your creamy mixture, then top it off with sliced mangoes. Do this repetitively until it’s filled to the brim.

3).  Sprinkle crushed grahams on the last layer and cover it up  w/a cling wrap, then let it chill.

The Finished Product

“There you have it, my version of Mango Float. So far my family have no complains about it, heehee. Oh if you’ve noticed, I have not given any exact measurement  for any ingredients? That’s because I  measure flavors based on my palette.” Jackie Go

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7 thoughts on “Mango Float Recipe By Jackie Go

  1. Anonymous

    Jackie,nice recepie taste almost as good as Aunt Florida in Sindangan makes.It seems the whole secret to a successful mango float,is to find some good quality sweet mangos that are in the perfect stage of ripness.Thanks for the recepie,I have many more,if you wanna exchange with me?

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