Mountain Violet Rice Balls “BIKO” Recipe

This is a re-posted BIKO recipe from Moments. by Luna Design Facebook post. This recipe uses the Mountain Violet Rice by Eighth Wonder Heirloom Rice Inc.

Eighth Wonder Mountain Violet Sweet Rice Balls with Coconut Flakes – BIKO RECIPE

Mountain Violet Rice Balls "BIKO" Recipe


* 2 cups Eighth Wonder Mountain Violet Rice

* 1 cup brown sugar

* 3-1/2 cups diluted coconut milk

* 1/8 c butter

Cooking Instruction:

1). In a skillet, mix brown sugar, coconut milk, butter and the rice and let boil until the rice cooks and has a sticky texture.

2). Allow to cool and form into balls. Roll into dried coconut flakes and serve.


Special thanks to the following person for letting us know about this recipe and allowing us to re-post this awesome recipe along with the photo.

Mary HensleyOlive Enriquez and Joel Enriquez

and also to

Moments. by Luna Design

This is the photography component of Luna Design and it is so aptly named Moments. We like to eat, and enjoy taking photographs of the food that we eat, with the people who enjoy them, in the places we inhabit. In an attempt to inject some humor, curiosity and buzz for Filipino food, we have posted photographs that many of you may have voted for, shared, and responded to in different ways. Our food needs to be celebrated often. And as we have observed, food is still our best emissary when it comes to introducing a culture to the world!

Eight Wonder, Inc.

Eighth Wonder, Inc. is a socially responsible business that is importing select varieties of heirloom rice from the famed mountain terraces of the Philippine. Eighth Wonder operates in more than 18 communities, directly supporting sustainable agriculture and socio-economic development.

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