Pancit Batil Patong: The North’s Finest

Pancit Batil Patong Recipe

There are different varieties of pancit or noodle dish all over the Philippines. If Japan has their Ramen, then the Philippines have their pancit. If you have not yet been in Tuguegarao (Northern Luzon), then you may not yet heard of their famous noodle dish called the Pancit Batil Patong.

This pancit is made up of miki bihon (freshly made), some beef slices and eggs on top. It is eaten with a drop egg soup that anyone will surely love. This meal is quite filling and can certainly help you feel full for a long period of time. If you wish to have a taste of the north, here is a simple recipe to try.

Pancit Batil Patong Recipe

Pancit Batil Patung Ingredients:

* 250 g of fresh noodles
* 100g of minced carabao beef
* 100 g of pork belly
* ½ piece of onion, chopped
* 50 g of bean sprouts
* ¼ cup of soy sauce
* 4 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
* 2 cups chicken stock
* 2 pieces of eggs
* Calamansi
* Black Pepper
* Crushed Chicharon
* Cooking oil
* Cabbage

How To Make Pancit Batil Patung:

The procedure would require three phases– for the preparation of pancit, then the batil and the patong. These are the steps that you should follow:

For The Pancit:

1.) Pour oil into a heated pan and add in the minced carabeef. Fry until it turns brown then set it aside.

2.) Place pan on top of high heat then add the pork pieces and continue cooking until the meat turn brown. After the pieces have browned, lower the stove heat to medium.

3.) Add in the garlic and onion then saute for about a minute.

4.) Place the noodles on the pan then pour in the chicken stock. Afterwards, pour the soy sauce then stir.

5.) Add the chicken in a slow manner and continue stirring for 5 minutes more. Taste the concoction. If needed, add some fish sauce.

6.) Add the bean sprouts then stir.

7.) Allow the noodles to cook for about two to three minutes then remove it from the pan and carefully arrange it in a serving plate.

8.) Place the remaining onion and garlic on the same pan. Saute.

9.) Place the cabbage in the pan and stir fry. Do this for two minutes. If needed, add pepper and fish sauce to taste. Remove the resulting mixture from the pan then place it on top of the noodles.

10.) Get the minced beef that you have cooked a while back then place it on top of the noodles.

11.) Top the entire meal with crushed chicharon.

For The Batil:

1.) Beat the egg.

2.) Get a cup of the soup of the pancit then place it on a pan over low heat. Add  half of your beaten egg mixture. Stir.

This is called an egg drop soup. Remove it from pan then set alongside the pancit.

For The Patong:

1.) Poach an egg or two then place it on top of the pancit.

Best served while still hot!

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