Peach Mango Graham Cake Recipe

Graham cake is probably one of the easiest cake or dessert that anyone make. This is the reason why Filipinos are so into it. The very common Filipino version is the mango Graham cake.

This Christmas season, expect to see lots of Graham cakes photos and images at your social media pages, timeline or wall. Expect to be flooded with this yummy treats created at home. If ever you wanted to try making your own Graham cake with added taste, here is a very simple peach mango graham cake recipe that you can follow.

Peach Mango Graham Cake Recipe

Peach Mango Graham Cake Ingredients:

* 2 packs of Graham Crackers

* 2 cans of all-purpose cream

* 1 can of condensed milk

* 1 medium can of peaches, sliced to thin half moons

* 3 ripe mangoes, sliced to thin half moons

How To Make Peach Mango Graham Cake:

1). In a bowl, mix the all-purpose cream and condensed milk then set aside.

2). In a rectangular deep tray, lay the Graham crackers down. Crush some Graham and fill in the gaps.

3). Add about 1/4-inch thick layer of the cream mixture on top of the laid Graham crackers. Make sure to cover the crackers with the cream completely.

4). Add another layer of Graham crackers and crushed Graham as that of number 2, and add another layer of the cream mixture as that of number 3.

5). Add the peaches and mango slices on top and cover with a thin layer of the cream mixture, then repeat number 4.

6). Now, you’re probably on the last fruit layer. Add the peach and mango slices, and arrange them beautifully. You can also top the cream parts up with crushed Grahams or opt to completely fill the top layer with fruits.

7). Put in the fridge or the freezer to set.


Recipe and Image credit: ThePurpleDoll.Net

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