Pinoy Binatog (Broiled White Corn With Shredded Coconut) recipe

Walking along the streets in the Philippines, this is one Filipino food that you will surely be seeing. Broiled white corn with shredded coconut and sugar is one of the best Filipino snacks you will ever get to taste. This food is usually sold by various street vendors during the early morning. Today, this has become one of the most popular mid-afternoon snack recipe. Binatog is created by boiling white hominy or corn in water until the corn bits start to break out. Afterwards, the water should be drained  and served hot in a warm bowl. You can buy white hominy from all supermarkets in the Philippines.

Pinoy Binatog - Broiled White Corn Topped Shredded Coconut

If you have ran after the Binatog vendor and watched him scoop this famous Filipino snack with much gusto, then you surely had one amazing childhood. As for me, waiting and seeing the vendor with his pail of Binatog pass by our house is the favourite part of my afternoon.

What’s surprising about this food is the fact that it can be done just by using three main ingredients!
Plus, this recipe is very easy to cook. In addition to that, creating this recipe will just take about 15 to 20 minutes, allowing you to prepare a healthy yet delicious food recipe in a jiffy.

This Filipino Binatog recipe will yield about 3 cups of this delicious Pinoy snacks.

Filipino Binatog Ingredients:

3 cups of white hominy or corn
1 teaspoon of salt
1 cup of shredded coconut
add sugar or salt to taste

How to make Broiled White Corn with Shredded Coconut – Pinoy Binatog:

1.) With the use of your fingers, remove the corn bits from its cobs.

2.) In a large pot, place in the corn kernels then pour in water. Boil water to allow kernels to be cooked. Continue doing so until the kernels have become tender and the water have thickened already. Note that the water will evaporate. In the event that there is no more water and the kernels are still hard, add a few cups of water.

3.) Add the necessary amount of salt in the boiling water.

4.) Transfer the resulting mixture in a bowl.

5.) Add in sugar and shredded coconut on the bowl.

6.) You can serve the bowl immediately or you can mix the ingredients before serving.


Binatog Cooking Tips:

* Only add a little amount of salt so you can easily balance the flavor. You can taper the amount of salt and sugar to use, depending on your taste preference.

* For flavouring, you can make use of butter and place it on top of the coconut.

* For a different merienda experience, try adding evaporated milk to your binatog.

Now, there is no need for you to wait for the Binatog vendor to pass by your home just to have a taste of this amazing Filipino snack. You can prepare this in the comforts of your own kitchen and the ingredients can be bought anytime in your town’s palengke (market). Enjoy this afternoon or morning delight!

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