Sinugbang Bangus Filipino Recipe

Sinugba is the Visayan word for inihaw, grilled, barbeque, kebab. Sinugbang Bangus literally means grilled milkfish (deboned) stuffed with tomato, onion and lemon grass (tanglad).

Sinugba (inihaw or grilled) Bangus Filipino Food
Sinugba (inihaw or grilled) Bangus
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Sinugbang Bangus Ingredients:

* 1 whole bangus (deboned)

* salt

* 1 medium size tomato

* green onions

* 1 small tanglad tied in a knot (lemon grass)

Other things to be used:

* banana leaves

* aluminum foil

Note: charcoal grill is a must for this recipe.

Sinugbang Bangus Grilling Instruction:

1). Cut Bangus from the back and clean the inside making sure you do not mess up the stomach lining of the fish (This is the most tasty part) and make sure to take the gills out (This is the smelly part).

2). Chop all ingredients to small size cubes (except the lemon grass)

3). Mix all chopped ingredients including the salt in a bowl. Mix it well.

4). Stuff the bangus with mixture and place the lemon grass in the middle part.

5). Wrap bangus with banana leaves first followed by the foil on top of the leaves.

6). Grill bangus in medium heat until fish outer skin turns golden brown (looks like burned or something).

7). Serve hot with plain or fried rice. Mix some soy sauce, calamansi and siling pula (red chili) to serve as a dip. Enjoy.!

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