So, This Is What The Americans Think About Filipino Street Foods Huh?

Filipino street foods are tasty, yummy and overly delicious. But what’s stopping the other people from eating or tasting such foods? For sure the looks and the thing/ingredient that it was made of plays a role. But other than that, I can’t think of anymore.

The Americans (BuzzFeed staff?) tried and did their best to taste and eat some of our very own street foods (fishball, isaw, turon and kwek kwek to name a few) and this is what happened.

When Americans Try Filipino Street Foods

Americans Try Filipino Street Food

So, what do you think?

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18 thoughts on “So, This Is What The Americans Think About Filipino Street Foods Huh?

  1. Anne V

    I remember watching an episode of Fear Factor and one of the challenges was eating Balut! I would've won hands down if I were a contestant haha. I love our street food!

  2. Mia Foo

    i think i've watched one episode of them eating singapore snacks, and many of those snacks they ate aren't even from singapore! hahaha! i've long heard that Philippines cuisine is an acquired taste. haven't tried any street food but i've tried "proper meals" and i find them all a tad too sweet. but for these, i guess i may like them with the exception of the intestines.

  3. Raine Pal

    Oh well they're all curious about our street foods and I respect that. The advice here, if you want to eat street foods that is safe to eat here in the Philippines, visit Davao City. Hahahaha…our vendors have all the necessary permits to assure you that foods are clean and safe to eat. 🙂

  4. Franc

    I guess if they can get past the looks department, they'll love Pinoy Street foods. They do need to be adventurous especially with Balut.

  5. Sumi Go

    It's really fun to see other people's (especially foreigners) reactions to our Filipino cuisine. I think most of our local street food are safe choices though, except for a few like the isaw, betamax and balut. 😀 Anyway, the video reminded me of my Korean classmates and schoolmates who love turon so much! 😀

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