Suman Recipe And Varieties

Suman is a rice cake made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk, and often steamed in banana leaves. It is served wrapped in buli or buri palm (Corypha) leaves and usually eaten sprinkled with sugar.

Suman is a major part of Filipino foods and delicacies. It is commonly being shared or given as a gift and/or pasalubong.

There are so many variations of suman. The most common suman varieties are listed and described below.

Suman sa Binuo – The glutinous rice is soaked, milled, mixed with coconut milk and sugar, wrapped in the leaves of the Tagbak plant, and steamed. The leaves give this variety of suman a uniquely balmy, minty flavor, and the suman itself is chewier than the whole-rice varieties.

Suman sa Ibus – The glutinous rice is washed, and is then mixed with salt and coconut milk. The mixture is poured over pre-made coil containers of young palm leaves called Ibus, and fixed with the leaf’s central shaft.

Suman sa Inantala – The ingredients are similar to the Ibus variety, but the Inantala differs in that the mixture itself is cooked, and then poured over a small square mat cut from banana leaves.

Suman sa Lihiya – Soaked glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk is treated with lye, wrapped in banana leaves, and boiled for two hours. It is served especially with either of two varieties of latik.

Suman Sa Lihiya
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Here is a simple and very basic Suman Sa Ibus recipe ingredients and cooking instruction.

Suman Sa Ibus Ingredients:

* 3 cups malagkit rice
* 2 teaspoons salt
* 2 cups thick coconut milk

Suman sa Ibus Cooking Instructions – How To Make Suman:

1). Soak malagkit in water for an hour or ntil grains are swollen. Drain.

2). Add salt nd coconut milk. Mix well.

3). Prepare ibus then fill with rice mixture. Seal tubes and tie with strips of the ibus.

4). Arrange the suman in a big saucepan and cover with water. Cover the pot and
boil for 2 hours or until cooked.

5). Serve with sugar or ripe mango.

How to wrap a Suman Sa Ibus:

* Fold the end of the buri leaf by 1 ½ inches.
* Fold the bottom edge into a triangle.
* Start rolling up the buri leaf in an overlapping manner.
* Roll up the buri to make a tube.
* Attach a small piece of wooden pick to secure the tube.
* Fill the tube with malagkit.
* Seal the ibus tube.
* Tie with strips of buri.

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