Sweet Potato Halaya (Kamote Halaya)

Sweet Potato or Kamote is a good alternative or replacement for ube in cooking any kind of dessert. So for this recipe, instead of using ube, we will be using sweet potato or kamote.

Sweet Potato Halaya (Kamote Halaya)

If you are craving for something sweet and delicious like Ube Halaya, this recipe is just right and perfect for you. Here’s the very unique and flavorful Sweet Potato Halaya or Kamote Halaya Recipe by SibuyasRepublic.Com.

Sweet Potato Halaya Ingredients

* 2 kilos sweet potato

* 200 grams brown sugar

* 2 cans condensed milk

* 1 package All-purpose cream

* 100 grams cheddar cheese

* 50 grams butter

How To Cook Sweet Potato Halaya

1). Clean the sweet potato thoroughly. Place in a pan with half-filled water. Add a teaspoon of salt. Boil until tender.

2). Peel of the skin. Place in a food processor until smooth.

3). In another pan, mix all the ingredients together except the butter.

4). Bring to a slow simmer until it becomes thick.

5). Mix in the butter just two minutes before turning off the heat.

Enjoy your Sweet Potato Halaya (Kamote Halaya)

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