Top 3 Most Viewed Filipino Recipe

Filipino recipes are one of the most favorite cuisines all over the world today. In fact, there are a lot of people who take advantage of the Internet to search for their favorite Filipino recipes. Not to mention, the inclusion of our famous Chicken Adobo at some popular and widely played online cooking games around the world.

I am really pleased to tell you that this site particularly manages to present you some unique Pinoy recipes that are truly luscious and mouth-watering. People go over here from different places such as Facebook, Google or Yahoo search and other resources to check and simply try some of our very own Philippine recipes.

I checked some data and analytics (ranging from May 25, 2009 to May 25, 2010) for this blog to show you which recipes or what Pinoy dishes are mostly viewed by visitors and readers all over the globe. And here are the top 3 mostly viewed Pinoy recipes.

Top 1 – Chicken Adobo

No doubt about this one. Filipino chicken adobo gained popularity and respect worldwide. This is considered as the top favorite dish of Filipinos.

Top 2 – Lumpia

Filipino lumpia or spring rolls do have many variations and style. Nonetheless, lumpia can always be seen at Filipino parties, gatherings and occasions. It’s like this dish shouldn’t be missed in any kind of “Pinoy salo salo”.

Top 3- Menudo

Who can resist the taste of Pinoy style Menudo? Like lumpia, this is a traditional or mostly seen dish at any parties or gathering of Filipinos. A perfect match for rice or bread alone. Truly a mouth watering and tummy filling dish.

Those are the top 3 pinoy recipes of this blog based on the data I manage to gathered from analytics. Also, you may check out this Top 5 Favorite Pinoy Recipes by Social Media Princess for further reading.

How about you? any top Pinoy recipe choices?

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2 thoughts on “Top 3 Most Viewed Filipino Recipe

  1. Marlene

    It's really worth visiting your "kusina". I used to google for some recipe before but I never saved the sites I found. This site deserves to be in my "favorites".

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