Top 5 Filipino Recipes Of 2010

Its December 2010 and new year or 2011 is almost here. But before this year ends, I want to let you know what are the top 5 Filipino recipes viewed and visited (top 5 contents) from January 1, 2010 to December 15, 2010. I gathered this data from Google Analytics.

1). Chicken Adobo Recipe

There is no doubt this recipe is the most popular of them all. Because of distinctive and unforgettable taste, chicken adobo becomes an international cuisine.

2). Menudo Recipe

Menudo is definitely and will always be on the top 5 Pinoy foods. Its a very popular dish and mostly seen at every Filipino occasions and gatherings.

3). Lumpia Recipe

Who can resist lumpia? May it be lumpiang sariwa or lumpiang hubad; lumpia will always be close to Filipino hearts and stomach as well.

4). Filipino Empanada Recipe

Filipno Empanada is one of the most favorite snack of all time. This food is always seen, eaten and serve at several Filipino parties and occasion as well. Empanadas can be serve hot or cold.

5). Siopao Recipe And Siopao Making

Filipino siopao, although once a target of controversies and issues (remember the cat meat?), made it to the top 5 recipes. Why? simply because siopao is connected and will always be included in each and every Filipino favorite foods.

To add more at this insights,the top 5 visitor locations of this Filipino recipes blog are United States (the top location), Philippines, Canada, Australia and United Arab Emirates in correct order.

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