Tortang Alimasag Crab Omelet Recipe

Tortang alimango or alimasag is the Filipino version of world famous crab omelet. Crab omelet, simply put, is sauteed crab meat with potatoes cooked in crab shell. This kind of dish is usually eaten with steamed hot rice and dipped in ketchup. Crab omelet or tortang alimasag is a bit of time consuming in terms of cooking and preparation, but the taste of it make it worthwhile to prepare and cook.

Rellenong Alimasag Crab Omelet
Rellenong Alimasag (Stuffed Crabs) Image By AngSarap.Net

Crab Omelet Ingredients:

* 12 pcs. cooked crabs
* 2 cups potatoes (cubed)
* 3 cloves minced garlic
* 1 medium chopped onion
* 1 medium chopped tomato
* 2 whole eggs (beaten)
* 1/2 teaspoon of salt
* 1/4 teaspoon of pepper
* cooking oil

Crab Omelet Cooking Procedure:

1.). Carefully pick the meat out of the cooked crabs (make sure to check for shards of shells) then set it aside afterwards.

2). Clean the crab shell with water then set it aside.

3). Fry the potatoes until slightly browned. Remove the potatoes from the pan and remove excess oil until a tablespoon or so of oil remains at the frying pan.

4). Saute the garlic, onion and tomatoes at the frying pan.

5). Cook until tomatoes are thoroughly broken down, or add a couple tablespoon of water and press the tomato pieces to break them down.

6). Add the crab meat, mix lightly so as not to break the meat too much.

7). Season with salt and pepper, take out of the pan and strain any excess liquid.

8). Stuff the crab shell cover with the cooked meat, pack tightly, and dip the whole thing in beaten egg.

9). Using a different pan with 1/2 cup cooking oil over medium heat, set the egg dipped torta, with the shell cover side touching the pan first.

10). Invert slowly to brown the crab meat side, the tortang alimasag should not fall apart if they are packed tightly in the shell.

11). Cook until the crab meat side is golden brown.

Best serve with banana or tomato ketchup as a dip.

Crab Omelet Cooking Tips

* If you find it hard or quite time consuming stuffing the shell,. then forget about the stuffing procedure. You can form the sauteed crab meat into round patties. For you to create this one, just add one egg and about 1/2 cup breadcrumbs as binder to form the patties.

*More carrots and potatoes can be used as extender for the crab omelet or torta.

Note: Image may vary with the end result of this recipe. Also, you can check out the Rellenong Alimasag (Stuffed Crabs) recipe of AngSarap.Net via this webpage.

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