Tupig Filipino Delicacy

Tupig is a native delicacy from Pangasinan. Tupig is made with glutinous rice and grated coconuts wrapped in wilted banana leaves and cooked over live coals. Aside from being one of the specialties in Pangasinan, making and cooking Tupig is also one of the most important source of livelihood in the province.

Here is a basic Tupig recipe that you can try at home.


Tupig Ingredients:

* 4 pcs shredded mature coconut meat

* 1 pc shredded young coconut

* 4 cups water

* 1 kg malagkit flour

* 3/4 cup molasses

* 1/4 cup toasted sesame seeds

* wilted banana leaves

How To Make Tupig:

1). Extract coconut milk from mature coconut by adding water and squeezing out the gata (coconut milk).

2). Strain coconut milk and set aside.

3). Add remaining ingredients to coconut milk then mix well.

4). Pour 1/4 cup batter on wilted banana leaves, roll and seal ends.

5). Bake over live charchoal 15 to 20 minutes or until done. You may bake in preheated oven at 375F until golden brown.

Tupig Image by IlocosNorte shared via Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

Note: Image may vary with the result of this recipe.

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