Yema Cake Recipe

If you love the all time Filipino favorite Yema candy, this recipe will surely captivate your taste bud.

Yema cake is pretty popular now in the Philippines. A lot of local bakeshops and even well known cake shops are starting to make, bake and sell their very own yema cake. However, because of its popularity and public demand, the price of it is a bit over the top.

If you wanted to try and taste this cake without shelling out good amount of cash, I suggest that you bake and make one at home. If you have a basic background in baking cakes and making Yema candies, this recipe wil just become a “piece of cake” for you.

Yema Cake Recipe

Without further ado, here’s your Yema Cake recipe courtesy of our good friend from SibuyasRepublic.Com.

For the Yema Frosting


* 2 cans condensed milk
* 6 egg yolks
* 1/4 cup butter
* 2 tablespoon lemon juice
* grated cheese

Cooking Procedure:

1). In a microwavable glass, beat egg yolks 2 minutes. Add in the condensed milk and lemon juice and mix until just blended. Add in the butter.

2).Place in the microwave. Set in low level. Run for a full minute. Stir using a spatula making sure that the sides are scraped. Repeat two more times until it becomes thick. Allow to cool.

Yema Cake Recipe

For The Cake


* 50 grams butter
* 250 grams cream cheese
* 110 ml milk
* 90 grams all-purpose flour
* 1/4 teaspoon salt
* 6 egg yolks
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 6 egg whites
* 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
* 140 grams granulated sugar

Cooking Procedure:

1). Place the butter, milk and cream cheese in a small microwavable glass and in gradual stages ( 3 x 1 minute each). Microwave it in low level. Once melted, allow to cool. Set aside.

2). Once cream cheese mixture is cool, beat in the flour, salt, then add in egg yolks. Beat until just fully incorporated.

3). In a separate bowl, pour in egg whites and beat on high speed until frothy. Add cream of tartar to stabilize the egg whites. Gradually add the sugar and fold in the egg whites to the cream cheese mixture.

4). Pour batter into a lightly greased 8-inch round cake pan. Prepare a water bath and onto this place the cake pan and bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Divide the cake in two. Allow to completely cool before adding the yema frosting.

Top the cake with grated cheddar cheese. Enjoy!

Yema Cake Recipe

Yema cake is best served during special occasions. It can be a good alternative for leche flan that Filipinos love the most.

Recipe Source: Yema Cake Recipe by Sibuyas Republic
Image Credits: SibuyasRepublic.Com

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