5 Sexy Iloco Food Names For A Healthy You

It’s a known fact that most people’s passion is to discover authentic Filipino dishes that will surely give them an extra ordinary experience. If you think you are into this passion, you are on the right track for you are about to read food names that will not just give you and extra ordinary taste but tickle and your mind and remind you of something sexy yet funny.

1. Poque- Poque – Naughty as it may sound, this dish which is commonly served in authentic Iloco Restaurants brings health benefits coming from eggplant and scrambled egg. Poque-Poque is just prepared in a very simple and easy way. You just need to have grilled aubergine (eggplant), some onions, garlic, tomatoes, seasoning and egg. All you have to do is to sauté the ingredients, mix the eggs, season to taste then Voila, you now have your own Poque- Poque straight to your dining room.

2. Kabatiti – If you come from a “tagalog” speaking province you would probably sneer upon hearing this word. However, if you hear it from an Ilocano, there is no need for you to worry, it’s just referring to a sponge gourd or “patola”. Such vegetable is uniquely served by Ilocanos by grilling, adding tomatoes and bagoong (fish paste). So the next time you hear someone say this word, start smiling as you think of the sweetness of “Kabatiti” on your taste buds.

3. Utong – Is known is simply the “Iloco” term for “sitaw” or string beans. Once again, if you come from the National Capital Region, you start to imagine about something that would make you giggle. Contrary to what it means in Tagalog, this vegetable will make you crave for more once you try to sauté it in soy sauce and serve hot.

4. Pokpoklo – This is not about what came into your mind at first; I am merely talking about a seaweed variety that looks like green spaghetti. Known as a good source of Iodine which prevents the occurrence of goiter, this can be prepared uncooked with minced unripe mangoes, ginger and chopped tomatoes.

5. Dinakdakan –The word “dak dak” actually means to dunk or to talk a lot in Tagalog yet for Ilocano’s “Dinakdakan” makes them hungry. This dish is made from grilled pork dashed with black pepper and seasoned with a bit of vinegar or calamansi juice plus boiled pig’s brain as a creamy dressing. This exotic dish is a well loved “pulutan” (chaser) for vine lovers.

However, if you are a bit picky with food and you find it uncomfortable to eat such dish with the pig’s brain dressing, you may use mayonnaise as a substitute.

I bet that upon reading this article, the vague connotation about these food names has already been transformed from sexy to yummy. So what are you waiting for, you may rush into your kitchen and start making these dishes that are not just sexy but yummy as well.

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20 thoughts on “5 Sexy Iloco Food Names For A Healthy You

  1. Amor

    Have tried cooking #1 when I saw it from Jessica Soho few years ago, parang tortang talong with a different twist.

    Have eaten dinakdakan naman minsang nag food trip kami ng mga friends ko. We thought it's sisig, pero sabi nung nag serve Dinakdakan daw yun.

  2. Pete Erlano Rahon

    I am ilokano (My dad is, mom is from Bikol though)so I am quite familiar with the terms listed. I am quite amused with the sexy attribution to these staple Ilocano food items heheh…

  3. Karen

    The foods are interesting as well as their names. At least, I won't be so ignorant when we travel to Ilocos and tried these dishes.

  4. promding chamimay

    i can still remember how we squirm ordering poque poque for the first time…hehehe the waiter just smiled at us and pronounced it for us… 😀

    i loved it!!! haven't tried cooking my own version though… will keep that in my checklist hehehe

    CE 11/6

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