Delicious Binangol (Binagol) Recipe

The Philippines is rich in native delicacies that both tourists and locals alike will surely like. Filipinos love to eat something sweet and filling for merienda (snacks time) or as panghimagas (desserts). One type of delicacy that is highly recommended is binagol or also usually called binangol. This delicacy originated from Visayas and is is made from either taro tubers or grated gabi mixed with condensed milk . Afterwards, it is cooked inside coconut shells then serves wrapped in banana leaves (wrapping the Filipino way!). Before, this delicacy can be found are usually made only in Leyte, Tacloban. However, this is now sold in various malls in the Visayan region.

Binangol (Binagol) Recipe

For people who wish to know how this delicacy is made, you have to understand the fact that the process is quite tedious. But the taste and sweetness that you can get from this recipe is definitely worth it.

Delicious Binangol Recipe Ingredients:

¾ cups of raw taro root (gabi)
1 cup of coconut milk (or milk from 2 medium sized coconuts)
¾ cup of brown sugar
4 medium sized coconut shells (cleaned thoroughly)
1 oz or ½ can of condensed milk (full cream)
4 pieces of egg yolks
Few pieces of wilted banana leaves

How To Cook Delicious Binangol: 

1.) Get the raw taro root, coconut milk and brown sugar. Mix these ingredients thoroughly. Place a non-stick pan over medium heat, pour the mixture then cook it for about six minutes. Stir constantly.

2.) Reduce the heat of the stove. Continue cooking the mixture for ten minutes more.

3.) After ten minutes have passed, pour in the coconut milk. Cook the mixture over medium heat for 20 minutes more. Again, do not forget to stir the mixture on a regular basis.

4.) Pour the mixture into the coconut shells. Create a space in the center of the mixture then place the egg yolk in it.

5.) With the use of a tuber mixture, cover the top part of the coconut shell. Spread the mixture smoothly. Ensure that the mixture is close to the shell or the brim.

6.) Use two pieces of wilted banana leaves to cover the entire shell. Tie the leaves securely with the use of a string.

7.) Place the shells in a steamer and steam the  mixture for about half an hour.

8.) Serve the coconut shells right away.

Cooking Tips:

1.) If you think that the binangol recipe provided above lacks some punch or flavor, you have the option to add chopped nuts. There are no recommended variants– you can choose whatever you want!

2.) In the event that you find it difficult to look for coconut shells, then there is a much easier alternative– small cereal bowl. This will be a much accessible alternative.

3.) This native delicacy can be taken into a whole new level. Most binangol recipes are now done with layers. A layered binangol or binagol is created with the addition of either a cassava or a purple yam.

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