Filipino Coconut Jelly Recipe

At each and every Filipino events, parties or gatherings, a good tasting and looking dessert will always be present. Aside from the usual leche flan and cakes, gelatin (Filipino jelly) will always be offered and served.

At this recipe post, Ms. Cherrie Moore of SweetCherriePie.Com will guide you on how to make a great looking and yummy tasting Filipino jelly with a twist. At this recipe of hers, she added coconut milk to make the jelly more thicker and creamier. If you wanted to try this one out, just read and follow the below Filipino Coconut Jelly recipe by Cherrie Moore.

Filipino Coconut Jelly Recipe

Recipe for a 600ml and a 250ml capacity mould.


* 500ml water

* 1/2 cup white sugar

* 10g agar agar strands

* 185ml evaporated milk

* 165ml coconut milk

* pandan essence

* pink food colouring

How To Make Filipino Coconut Jelly:

1). Place the water, sugar and agar agar into a pot.  Simmer until the agar agar has dissolved.

2). Add the evaporated milk and coconut milk.  At this stage you can taste it.  You may add more sugar if you like it sweeter.

3). Pour 250ml of the liquid into a bowl and add a drop of the pandan essence.  If your essence is clear in colour, you’ll need to add a drop of green food colouring.  To the rest of the liquid add a drop of pink food colouring. Stir well.

4). Using a sieve, pour the green mixture into a 250ml capacity mould and the pink one into the 600ml capacity mould, again pour over a sieve.  Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to set.

5). When set, remove from the moulds.  You may need to dip it in a some hot water to loosen a little.


Coconut Jelly Filipino Recipe

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