Filipino Foods Cooking Style

The Philippines or Filipino cooking style is quite unique and simple as it is. You don’t have to study culinary arts or cooking arts a lot to be able to learn how the Philippines dishes is cooked.

Most dishes in the Philippines are stewed, sauteed, broiled, braised, or fried. This is very common on a tropical country or tropical cuisines.

One of the major ingredients or dishes being cooked in Filipino style is called “suka” or simply vinegar. You will find it being used at the popular “adobo” may it be chicken or pork adobo and “pinaksiw”. The vinegar do have a preserving effect on this recipes. Those foods cooked with vinegar tends to last longer and taste even better.

“Patis” or fish sauce and sometimes shrimp sauce. Patis have become a part of Filipino cooking and eating lifestyle. When “patis” is not around, salt is used as a substitute.

Coconut milk or “gata” is common in Philippine cooking, quite popular in the Bicol region. It’s common cooking used is for the dish Bicol Express that is quite extraordinary.

“Bagoong” fermented shrimp or fish paste) is one of the most popular Filipino cooking ingredients. Foreigners tend to find this one to have an aweful smell, but once they tasted it along with the famouse “kare-kare”, they will crave for more.

Cooking the dishes of the Philippines is very basic and easy to start with. Ingredients and its substitutes can be found anywhere even at the nearby store. Philippines cooking style and recipes mostly came from the creativeness and uniqueness of Filipinos. Have a taste of our very own Filipino Foods and Recipes. I am quite sure you will love it.

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