What’s Special With Filipino Dish?

Filipino dishes are one of the many most sought after foods and recipes in the world. This blog will serve as an online journal detailing each and every Filipino recipe that you will simply love or you love the most.

Filipino Recipes

The foods are simply one of its kind because of its authenticity, good taste and uniqueness. Many foreigners who came in the Philippines and those who just visited or spend some time on some of the finest Filipino restaurants simply love the Filipino style of cooking.

Pinoy recipes are truly timeless and priceless as how Filipino defines it. Filipinos do have the world famous foods like the Chicken Adobo, Sinigang, Tinola and many more.!

Filipino Recipes With Pictures

If you want to add more on this piece of information regarding Filipino dishes and recipes, do leave it on the comment section.

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First Food Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tinybites/2548260024/
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50 thoughts on “What’s Special With Filipino Dish?

  1. marlina

    I'm so glad I found your website..Its hard to find sites that have good pinoy recipes in them. I was wondering if you have any good pinakbet recipes? I will be sure to bookmark this site and list it under great Filipino recipes..thanks

  2. jared's mum

    wow, just looking at the photos make my stomach growl! i miss eating delicious filipino delicacies that my mum cooked! i only wish i can cook half as good as she does…

  3. Food Safety Certification

    This is a really wonderful blog for different pinoy recipes! I hope you keep it up and post more Filipino cuisines.

    @Marlene, that's so sad to hear. I think pinoys should have an authentic Filipino restaurant there in Scandinavia.


  4. Kamil Curtis

    All Filipino foods are unique and great. Almost all the recipes and dishes in this fine dining restaurant are very Filipino type. I love Filipino food, and I want to share our delicacies to all foreigner out there who love Filipino food.

  5. Unknown

    If you need any supplies such as knives,cooking utensils, plates and cups,etc… the options are endless They are so fantastic your husband will want to cook more than you will!!! Go to velmasamazingdeals.com

  6. Sumi Go

    I wasn't a big fan of Filipino foods before, but just recently, I've come to realize that Pinoy flavors are very distinct and something we should all be proud of.

  7. Darby McClintock

    Pinoy food is certainly making waves around the world these days. Thanks mostly to the thousands of culinary experts who studied in the Philippines and are now donning most five-star hotels around the world. How they make a simple chicken with superb fried chicken recipes in various Pinoy ways make up for the future Filipino cuisine that will rival the likes of Thai, Italian, Indian, Japanese and even Greek foods for the simple gastronomic delights of its flavor, texture and appeal.

  8. Jessel

    Mouth-watering! I was thinking of learning how to cook and this post gives me the motivation to learn.I have to learn to cook Filipino dishes.Thanks for this post!

  9. Olga

    The three dishes you mentioned are my faves. When I cook adobo, I always cook a huge batch and divide them in separate canisters. It doesn't spoil easily and are great for days when I'm unable to whip up anything in the kitchen.

  10. Gaylee

    I'm just starting to learn how to cook because my 2 babies are growing up fast. Thank you for sharing your recipes, its a big help to me. Hubby's fave is the kare-kare which I tried cooking but sad to say needs more practice, huhu!

  11. Farida

    After indulging in sinful food from various cuisines, my family and I always go back to our first love- Filipino dishes! A simple tuyo with kamatis and salted eggs is sufficient to satiate our appetite πŸ˜€

  12. GeriLen Elinessete

    nakakagutom ang blog na ito! πŸ˜›
    hehe but youre right, one of the worlds favorite cuisine ang filipino recipe kya nga ung isang moving restau sa states na nagsesrve ng filipino dishes pinipilahan kaht ng mga foreners! πŸ™‚

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